DawkinsThe AAC features a good number of second day and middle round picks with its top prospect being a junior cornerback from UConn.


Rnd Full Name Pos School Yr
3rd Jamar Summers CB Connecticut 3Jr
3-4 Dion Dawkins T Temple 4Sr
3-4 Zach Edwards S Cincinnati 5Sr
4th Isaiah Jones WR East Carolina 4Sr
4th Tyus Bowser OLB Houston 4Sr
4th Alec Bloom TE Connecticut 3Jr
4-5 Junior Joseph ILB Connecticut 4Jr
5th Jahad Thomas RB Temple 4Sr
5th Obi Melifonwu S Connecticut 5Sr
5th Kofi Amichia T South Florida 3Jr
5th Travon Simmons S East Carolina 3Jr
5th Ventell Bryant WR Temple 3So
5-6 Folorunso Fatukasi DT Connecticut 4Jr
6th Davon Grayson WR East Carolina 4Sr
6th Eric Wilson ILB Cincinnati 5Sr
6th Keevan Lucas WR Tulsa 4Sr
6th Gunner Kiel QB Cincinnati 5Sr
6th Tyrell Gilbert S Cincinnati 3Jr
6th Deyshawn Bond C Cincinnati 5Sr
6-7 Devin Abraham S South Florida 3Jr
6-7 Steven Taylor OLB Houston 5Sr
6-7 Mike Tyson S Cincinnati 4Sr
7th Myers Tommy TE Connecticut 4Jr
7th Derrick Calloway DT South Florida? 3Jr
7th Marlon Mack RB South Florida 3Jr
7th Shaquill Griffin CB Central Florida 4Sr
7th-FA DJ Dowdy TE Cincinnati 5Sr
7th-FA Tre’Quan Smith WR Central Florida 3So
FA Tion Green RB Cincinnati 5Sr
FA Richard Levy G Connecticut 5Sr
FA Noel Thomas WR Connecticut 4Sr
FA Jordan Akins TE Central Florida 3So
FA Darrion Miilines S SMU 4Sr
FA Drico Johnson S Central Florida 5Sr
FA Blake Belcher G Tulsa 5Sr
FA Brandon Smith T East Carolina 3Jr
FA Brandon Wilson CB Houston 5Sr
FA Christian Matau C East Carolina 3Jr
FA B.J. Singleton DT Houston 5Sr
FA Tanzel Smart DT Tulane 4Sr
FA Arkeel Newsome RB Connecticut 3Jr
FA Mike Boone RB Cincinnati 3Jr
FA Bryant Shirrefs QB Connecticut 3Jr
FA Rodney Adams WR South Florida 4Sr
FA Sean Chandler CB Temple 3Jr
FA Haason Reddick OLB Temple 5Sr
FA Nathan Cole WR Cincinnati 5Sr
FA Chris Morley S Memphis 5Sr
FA Andreas Knappe T Connecticut 5Sr
FA Mikal Myers DT Connecticut 5Sr
FA James Summers S East Carolina 4Sr
FA Justin Holman QB Central Florida 4Sr
FA Ryan Leahy G Cincinnati 5Sr
FA Dashaun Amos CB East Carolina 4Sr
FA Greg Ward Jr. RB Houston 4Sr
FA Gabe Kuhn G Memphis 4Jr
FA Cal Bloom TE Central Florida 5Sr
FA Jhavon Williams CB Connecticut 5Sr
FA P.J. Walker QB Temple 4Sr
FA Nathan Godwin S South Florida 4Sr
FA D.J. Killings CB Central Florida 4Sr
FA Praise Martin-Oguike OLB Temple 5Sr
FA Fredrick Presley DT East Carolina 4Sr
FA Jazzmar Clax FB Connecticut 5Sr
FA Cameron Malveaux DE Houston 4Sr


Central Florida

It may be a long haul for UCF as the talent on the roster is thin.  Scouts grade cornerback Shaquill Griffin as a priority free agent but I feel he has late round potential.  Griffin has nice size and solid ball skills but deep speed is a concern.


Scouts are all over the board with the senior Bearcats prospects but I don’t see anything other than last day picks.

Safety Zach Edwards, considered by some scouts as a late second/early third round choice, plays tough, instinctual football but on film comes across as an average athlete with no great physical trait to his game.

Linebacker Eric Wilson is highly rated in scouting circles but lacks size and does not show great cover skills for a prospect likely to project as a conventional weakside linebacker.

I’m not high on Gunner Kiel and though he possesses the size as well as the arm strength for the next level his accuracy, specifically ball placement, leaves a lot to be desired.  Besides concussion concerns I’ve been told for the past year that personality issues have raised red flags among scouts.


UConn has a pair of very good prospects in the secondary starting with junior cornerback Jamar Summers, who regularly shuts downs opponents.  Summers is a nice athlete with next level ball skills and presently a third round prospect who could climb into the top 50.

I also like safety Obi Melifonwu.  Built more like a linebacker, he shows good range on the field going sideline-to-sideline, possesses solid ball skills and is very tough defending the run.  Presently I grade Melifonwu as an early third day pick and see him slotted as a traditional strong safety though some teams may eventually grade him as a one-gap linebacker.

East Carolina

Scouts love Isaiah Jones rating him as one of the better receiver prospects from the senior class but I feel he’s more of a 4th round prospect.  His quickness leads me to believe he’ll be a good punt returner on Sunday.


Tyus Bowser is highly considered in scouting circles and comes with tremendous size/speed numbers.  He plays vicious, physical football but I think Bowser needs to complete his game and do a better job making plays moving in reverse. He is the type of prospect I envision receiving a Senior Bowl invitation then impressing scouts in Mobile with his pass rush ability.

South Florida

There’s a shallow pool of next level talent at USF with juniors Kofi Amichia (offensive tackle) and Devin Abraham (safety) leading the way.

I was hoping defensive tackle Derrick Calloway, who I graded as a middle round pick off the 2014 film, would be returning to USF this season after sitting on the sidelines due to academics last season.  Despite attending junior college in an attempt to get his grades back in order the word is Calloway will not be playing for the Bulls in 2016.


One year ago Dion Dawkins was one of my highest rated players from the AAC and it seems scouts agree as I’m told they’ve stamped him as a potential third rounder.  Personally I didn’t think Dawkins made a huge amount of progress between ’14 and ’15 but he’s still a nice sized left tackle with athleticism and decent feet.  Dawkins may need to play in a scaled down offense that does require to many responsibilities.


I was shocked when Tulsa wide out Keyarris Garrett was not selected in April’s draft and will feel the same way about Keevan Lucas in a year if he’s not drafted next April.  Lucas lacks the size of Garrett but has better speed and can line up in the slot as well as return punts.