Complete information on the defensive linemen that participated at the combine.  Included are official height, weight, arm length, hand size , bench results plus two hand timings in the forty.  Practice reports for all through Jerry Hughes added.  Update 3/3- Reports Added for all defensive linemen!!

Full NameSchoolHtWtArmHandBench40-140-2
Rahim AlemLSU602525133 1/410 1/4DNB4.714.72
Charles AlexanderLSU60353003510 3/8DNBINJINJ
Tyson AlualaCalifornia60232953310214.854.99
Geno AtkinsGeorgia6013293329 5/8344.784.81
Kevin BaspedNevada604425834 3/49 3/4264.774.75
Alex CarringtonArkansas St605228533 1/410 1/2264.895.00
Terrence CodyAlabama603535434 1/411DNB5.755.73
Antonio ColemanAuburn6014255331018INJINJ
Jermaine CunninghamFlorida603326633 3/410 3/8DNBINJINJ
Dexter DavisArizona St6014244339 1/2254.844.89
Hall DavisLa-Lafayette603627134 3/89 7/8284.564.59
Brandon DeaderickAlabama603731434 3/89/38DNBINJINJ
Carlos DunlapFlorida605627734 5/810214.664.63
Junior GaletteStillman6016257339254.794.87
Clifton GeathersSo Carolina607429937 3/411 1/8264.965.00
Thaddeus GibsonOhio State6020243338 3/4324.764.72
Brandon GrahamMichigan601326832 1/49 7/8314.694.72
Everson GriffinUSC603327332 5/810324.654.63
Greg HardyMississippi6040281349 3/4214.904.98
Lamarr HoustonTexas60263053310304.854.84
Jerry HughesTCU6016255339 3/4264.634.64
Carl IhenachoSan Jose St602025533 1/29 7/820INJINJ
Arthur JonesSyracuse603230135 1/410 1/4DNBINJINJ
Linval JosephEast Carolina604432834 1/210395.095.10
Sergio KindleTexas602725033 1/410254.694.68
Jammie KirlewIndiana601226032 1/29 7/8265.034.94
Austen LaneMurray St605627633 3/810 1/8DNB4.814.90
Brandon LangTroy St6036266328 3/4205.035.00
Erik LorigStanford603428132 1/210 1/8DNBINJINJ
Albert McClellanMarshall6010247339 3/4264.724.73
Gerald McCoyOklahoma604129533 3/410 1/4235.035.09
Greg MiddletonIndiana60302683310 1/8DNB4.975.03
Kao MisiUtah602525132 1/29 7/8DNB4.714.72
Earl MitchellArizona601629633 1/210 5/8254.744.72
Arthur MoatsJames Madison600224633 3/48 5/8244.664.65
Derrick MorganGeorgia Tech603026634 1/29 3/4DNB4.704.73
Aleric MullinsNorth Carolina601232132 1/49 3/8DNBINJINJ
Michael NealPurdue603029433 1/210 1/4314.914.88
Jared OdrickPenn State6050304349 3/4265.125.09
Vince OghobaaseDuke605230335 3/810275.445.52
Jeff OwensGeorgia601030432 3/48 7/8444.974.94
Corey PetersKentucky6032300349DNB5.005.09
Jason Pierre-PaulSouth Florida604627034 3/410 3/8194.704.75
Brian PriceUCLA601130332 1/49 1/2345.095.18
Jay RossEast Carolina603031332 5/810 1/4305.095.13
Ricky SappClemson603725234 1/29 3/4234.634.65
Alacce SchofieldWisconsin602222132 3/89 1/2DNBIINJINJ
George SelvieSo Florida604325234 1/29 3/8244.975.00
Cameron SheffieldTroy St60232573310DNB4.894.91
Malcolm SheppardArkansas602128533 1/29 3/4195.185.13
D’Anthony SmithLa Tech602130432 3/8 10DNBINJINJ
Ndamukong SuhNebraska603730733 1/210 1/4325.005.13
Daniel Te’o-NesheimWashington603426333 3/410 1/2294.744.75
Cam ThomasNorth Carolina604033034 3/410 1/2315.315.27
Adrian TracyWilliam & Mary602524833 1/29 1/2204.794.68
Torrell TroupUCF6026314349 7/8345.035.10
Lorenzo WashingtonAlabama60402913410 1/4255.175.17
Dan WilliamsTennessee602032733 1/210 1/8275.135.15
C.J. WilsonEast Carolina602729033 1/810324.844.81
EJ WilsonNorth Carolina602428632 3/41023INJINJ
Lindsey WittenConnecticut6044250359234.734.68
Al WoodsLSU60353093611DNB5.125.11
Corey WoottonNorthwestern606027034 3/410 1/420INJINJ
Jason WorildsVirginia Tech601225432 7/89 1/4244.674.68
Doug WorthingtonOhio State6051292341019INJINJ
Willie YoungNC State604625134 1/210 1/4254.954.85

Rahim Alem/LSU: Showed a lot of athleticism throughout the entire session.  Fluid changing direction, moved well about the field and was very explosive from start to finish.  Showed smooth hips in coverage drills yet needs to improve his peddle.

Tyson Aluala/Cal: Worked hard and displayed a quick change of direction.  Also did a nice job consistently bending his knees.

Geno Atkins/Georgia: Displayed great quickness and explosion.  Got a bit tall in drills and really showed little punch with his hands.

Kevin Basped/Nevada- Marginal in all aspects.  Showed little in the way of quickness, explosion and looked surprisingly unathletic.  Was not much better when run through linebacker drills.

Terrence Cody/Alabama: The best part of Cody’s session was his arm punch, it was terrific, which made us wonder why he did not participate in the bench. After that it was the continuation of a miserable performance.  He looked unathletic, displayed average feet and quickly wore down.

Antonio Coleman/Auburn: Coleman moved well about the field and did a solid job in linebacker drills.  He showed a good peddle in reverse and smooth hips.  Surprisingly Coleman showed an average burst and marginal speed.

Dexter Davis/Arizona St: Dexter displayed terrific quickness and quick feet moving laterally.  As was the case during Shrine Game week, he really struggled in coverage drills when run through linebacker drills.

Carlos Dunlap/Florida: Dunlap moved well and looked very athletic.  At times he was fumbling over his feet but for the most part it was a good performance by Dunlap.

Junior Galette/Stillman: Galette looked much better during the practice session than he timed during the forty.  He moved well, showed a burst of speed and displayed a burst.  Galette did get lazy with his hands during the bag drills and got yelled at by coaches.  He lacked balance and Galette struggled moving in reverse during linebacker drills.

Clifton Geathers/South Carolina: Geathers showed a good amount of athleticism during the session.  He moved well about the field, showed solid footwork and had a burst.  Geathers lacked balance and had just an average change of direction.

Thaddeus Gibson/Ohio State: Gibson had a terrific practice session.  He showed great feet, a quick change of direction and moved well about the field.  In linebacker drills Gibson was light on his feet, showed a peddle in reverse and always kept his knees bent.  Really stood out from start to finish.

Everson Griffen/USC: Griffen looked incredibly athletic throughout the day. He was great in reverse, fast up the field and showed a terrific burst.  Now if the light would only go on upstairs for Griffen.

Greg Hardy/Mississippi: For the most part Hardy was awful.  He showed minimal explosion, an average change of direction/peddle in reverse and really looked marginally athletic.

LaMarr Houston/Texas: Houston was exceptional all morning.  He worked hard, practiced with quickness and explosion and moved well about the field.  Houston was fluid changing direction and had a burst of speed.  In the end we think he cemented himself late in round two.

Jerry Hughes/TCU: Overall it was a good day for Hughes.  He moved well in every direction of the field, changed direction losing minimal speed and played low to the ground the entire time.  He displayed good feet and a solid peddle moving in reverse.

Linval Joseph/East Carolina:  Looked sluggish on the field and wore down as the session proceeded.  Moves like a big man and displayed an average change of direction.  Mayock said afterwards he thinks Joseph can play the five technique, and we told him we disagree. 

Sergio Kindle/Texas:  Kindle was quick, explosive and showed a lot of speed.  He played with great balance and leverage.  Kindle also displayed the ability to backpedal in linebacker drills.  The only bad part of his workout was he dropped a number of passes thrown at him to test his hands for the interception.

Jammie Kirlew/Indiana:  Kirlew looked fluid, showed nice footwork in drills and does a terrific job keeping his pads low to the ground.  He displayed just average punch and really did not look effective in linebacker drills.

Austen Lane/Murray St:  Lane moves very well for a big man and looked very athletic on the field.  He displayed good punch and was solid in linebacker drills.  He showed just average quickness but looks imposing moving on the field.

Brandon Lang/Troy State:  For the most part it was a disappointing performance from Lang.  He struggled changing direction, showed marginal quickness and little explosion.  Lang worked hard and picked up the pace in linebacker drills yet it was not the performance he wanted or what scouts expected.

Albert McClellan/Marshall:  For the most part McClellan looked good.  He moved well, was quick and was effective in linebacker drills.  McClellan showed nice hips and was fluid transitioning from his backpedal.

Gerald McCoy/Oklahoma:  McCoy had a good session.  He showed tremendous explosion, good hand punch and quickly changed direction.  He was off balance a bit but it was a winning performance for him. 

Greg Middleton/Indiana:  Middleton opened up showing very quick feet but his session quickly faded.  He wore down as the morning moved along and really did not look good in linebacker drills. 

Kao Misi/Utah:  About the only problem with Misi’s session was he showed poor hand punch.  Otherwise it was a terrific outing.  Misi was quick footed, looked athletic and showed a quick change of direction.  In linebacker drills his backpedal was slightly stiff but he’s smooth opening his hips and shows a burst out of his plant.

Earl Mitchell/Arizona: Mitchell moves incredibly well for a big man.  He was very quick and fluid changing direction, showed a burst and was consistently applauded by coaches for his effort.

Arthur Moats/James Madison:  Moats looked incredibly athletic and really moved well about the field.  He showed a burst of speed which he is able to maintain.  In linebacker drills his backpedal and hips were fluid.

Jared Odrick/Penn State:  Odrick was one of the few who had really good hand punch.  We were a bit disappointed in his overall quickness and change of direction.

Vince Oghobaase/Duke:  Oghobaase worked hard but really struggled moving around the field.  He lacked any semblance of quickness or explosion and struggled changing direction.

Jeff Owens/Georgia:  Owens showed incredible punch, not unexpected considering his bench press.  That said he showed little closing burst in drills.

Corey Peters/Kentucky:  An uninspired performance by Peters who was unexpectedly slow changing direction.

Jason Pierre-Paul:  Pierre-Paul looked incredibly athletic on the field.  He showed great movement skills and easily changes direction.  That said we still expected a little more from the first round pick.

Brian Price/UCLA:  Price displayed exceptional quickness and explosion.  He was able to immediately change direction without losing too much momentum.  He did only have a very short burst of speed which was surprising.  Price is definitely a wide body on the field.

Jay Ross/East Carolina:  Overall we were disappointed in the workout by Ross.  He’s not very fluid and needed to gather himself changing direction.  He also showed a very marginal burst of speed.

Ricky Sapp/Clemson:  It was a terrific performance from start to finish for Sapp.  He displayed great quickness, footwork and movement skills.  He also had a terrific burst of speed.  Sapp looked comfortable and effective in linebacker drills.

George Selvie/South Florida:  It’s been a long fall from grace for Selvie, who most thought was a potential top ten pick after the ’07 season.  To his credit he worked hard yet his game lacked any quickness. 

Cameron Sheffield/Troy State: Sheffield looked very athletic on the field, showing good footwork and losing little momentum when required to change direction. 

Malcolm Sheppard/Arkansas:  We were disappointed in Sheppard’s performance.  He displayed surprisingly slow feet and a marginal change of direction.

Ndamukong Suh/Nebraska:  Suh looked imposing on the field and showed terrific hand punch.  He played with excellent knee bend and leverage the entire session.  His footwork and explosion were a little better than average.

Daniel Te’o-Nesheim/Washington:  Te’o-Nesheim was quick footed, displayed a solid change of direction and moved very well.  He played with good pad level and practiced very hard.

Cam Thomas/North Carolina:  Overall it was a surprisingly good performance by Thomas.  He moved better than expected, showed nice feet and a solid change of direction.  He also had terrific hand punch.

Adrian Tracy/William & Mary:  Tracy breaks down well and shows nice feet but that is where it ended.  We were led to believe he was doing great in linebacker drills while training for the combine yet Tracy was slow moving in reverse and had a very average change of direction.

Torrell Troup/Central Florida:  Troup worked hard yet really displayed average punch and lower body explosion, which is troubling. 

Lorenzo Washington/Alabama:  Not a good day for Washington.  He looked marginally athletic, confused on the field and lacked explosion.

Dan Williams/Tennessee:  Williams did nothing to make anyone think he’s not a straight line defender.  That said he looked powerful on the field and showed great hand punch.

Lindsey Witten/UConn: Witten was very average all day.  He moved well and was mildly effective in linebacker drills yet really showed little in the way of quickness or explosion.

Al Woods/LSU: Woods showed terrific hand punch, quick feet and explosion.  His balance was average and Woods was all over the place at times.

Jason Worilds/Virginia Tech: Worilds looked very athletic and effective on the field.  He’s able to change direction on a dime, possesses a burst of speed and was fluid moving in all directions.  Worilds also got depth on pass drops in linebacker drills yet did not look overly comfortable in space.

Willie Young/North Carolina State: Young has long, thin, flamingo looking legs, which may bother some teams.  He moved well in linebacker drills but was constantly off balance on the field and slipping through most of the session.