SanchezLast April the Big 12 placed a pair of players in the first round, including the seventh pick of the draft as well as the final selection of the frame. In 2016 they may be hard pressed to place a single player into round one. Here are rankings and notes on 111 next level prospects from the conference.     




Rnd Full Name School Pos Yr
1-2 Zack Sanchez Oklahoma CB 4Jr
2nd Andrew Billings Baylor DT 3Jr
2nd Shawn Oakman Baylor DE 5Sr
2-3 Cody Whitehair Kansas State G 5Sr
3rd Josh Doctson TCU WR 5Sr
3rd Daryl Worley West Virginia CB 3Jr
3rd Spencer Drango Baylor T 5Sr
3rd Dylan Haines Texas S 4Jr
3-4 Tyrone Swoopes Texas QB 3Jr
3-4 Emmanuel Ogbah Oklahoma State DE 4Jr
3-4 Charles Tapper Oklahoma DE 4Sr
4th Eric Striker Oklahoma OLB 4Sr
4th Camrhon Hughes Texas T 4Jr
4th Xavien Howard Baylor CB 4Jr
4th Dominique Alexander Oklahoma OLB 3Jr
4th Hassan Ridgeway Texas DT 4Jr
5th K.J. Dillon West Virginia S 4Sr
5th Kolby Listenbee TCU WR 4Sr
5th Noble Nwachukwu West Virginia DE 4Jr
5th Tre’Von Armstead Baylor TE 4Jr
5-6 Glenn Gronkowski Kansas State FB 4Jr
6th Seth Jacobs Oklahoma State OLB 4Jr
6th Sterling Shepard Oklahoma WR 4Sr
6th Joey Hunt TCU C 4Sr
6th Pete Robertson Texas Tech OLB 4Sr
6th Kyle Fuller Baylor C 4Jr
6th Keenon Ward Texas Tech S 4Jr
6th Duke Thomas Texas CB 4Sr
6th Kevin Peterson Oklahoma State CB 4Sr
6th Rushel Shell West Virginia RB 4Jr
6th Adam Pankey West Virginia G 4Jr
6th Michael Hunter Oklahoma State CB 5Sr
6th Karl Joseph West Virginia S 4Sr
6th K.J. Smith Baylor OLB 3So
6th Jordan Evans Oklahoma OLB 3Jr
6-7 Jordan Willis Kansas State DE 3Jr
6th Tyler Orlosky West Virginia C 5Sr
7th Wendell Smallwood West Virginia RB 3Jr
7th Johnathan Gray Texas RB 4Sr
7th Halapoulivaati Vaitai TCU T 4Sr
7th Marquis Lucas West Virginia G 5Sr
7th Danzel McDaniel Kansas State CB 4Sr
7th Le’Raven Clark Texas Tech T 5Sr
7-FA Aaron Green TCU RB 5Sr
FA Ryan Simmons Oklahoma State ILB 4Sr
FA Dante Barnett Kansas State S 4Sr
FA Ahmad Thomas Oklahoma S 3Jr
FA Davion Pierson TCU DT 5Sr
FA Jhajuan Seales Oklahoma State WR 4Jr
FA Jimmy Bean Oklahoma State DE 5Sr
FA Desmond Jackson Texas DT 4Sr
FA Deandre Washington Texas Tech RB 4Sr
FA Trevor Knight Oklahoma QB 4Jr
FA Nicholas Kwiatkoski West Virginia ILB 5Sr
FA Derrick Kindred TCU S 4Sr
FA Corey Avery x- Kansas RB 3Jr
FA Daje Johnson Texas RB 4Sr
FA Nila Kasitati Oklahoma G 5Sr
FA Orion Stewart Baylor S 4Jr
FA Jordan Sterns Oklahoma State S 3Jr
FA Marcell Ateman Oklahoma State WR 3Jr
FA Shock Linwood Baylor RB 4Jr
FA Corey Coleman Baylor WR 4Jr
FA Kyle Rose West Virginia DT 5Sr
FA Branden Jackson Texas Tech DE 5Sr
FA Morgan Burns Kansas State CB 4Sr
FA Marcus Johnson Texas WR 4Sr
FA Terrell Lathan TCU DE 4Sr
FA Trevone Boykin TCU WR 5Sr
FA Davis Webb Texas Tech QB 3Jr
FA Christian Brown West Virginia DE 4Jr
FA Nate Jackson Kansas State CB 5Sr
FA James Mcfarland TCU OLB 4Sr
FA M.J. McFarland Texas TE 4Sr
FA Jeremy Seaton Oklahoma State FB 5Sr
FA Terrell Chestnut West Virginia CB 5Sr
FA Caleb Bluiett Texas DE 4Jr
FA Zachary Crabtree Oklahoma State T 3So
FA Quenton Bundrage Iowa State WR 5Sr
FA Paul Lewis Oklahoma State C 4Jr
FA Edward Muldrow West Virginia S 5Sr
FA Beau Blackshear Baylor DT 5Sr
FA Devante Bond Oklahoma OLB 4Sr
FA Ryan Reid Baylor CB 3Jr
FA Larry Mazyck Kansas T 4Sr
FA Jamelle Naff TCU G 5Sr
FA Durron Neal Oklahoma WR 4Sr
FA Jay Lee Baylor WR 5Sr
FA Kenny Iloka TCU S 4Sr
FA Jared Barber West Virginia ILB 5Sr
FA Brock Dagel Iowa State T 5Sr
FA Adam Foltz TCU G 5Sr
FA Sam Richardson Iowa State QB 5Sr
FA Kent Perkins Texas G 3Jr
FA Jamison Lalk Iowa State G 5Sr
FA Blake Muir Baylor G 5Sr
FA De’Andre Mann Kansas RB 4Sr
FA Boston Stiverson Kansas State G 5Sr
FA Taylor Cox Kansas RB 6Sr
FA Luke Hayes Kansas State G 4Sr
FA Jarell Broxton Baylor G 4Sr
FA Micah Awe Texas Tech ILB 4Sr
FA Jamal Palmer Baylor DE 4Sr
FA Andrew Buie West Virginia RB 5Sr
FA Matthew Kleinsorge Kansas State T 5Sr
FA Marquel Bryant Kansas State OLB 5Sr
FA Franklin Shannon Oklahoma ILB 5Sr
FA Shiro Davis Texas DE 4Sr
FA Derrick Moncrief Oklahoma State OLB 4Sr
FA Andre Davis Kansas State WR 4Sr
FA Brandon Sheperd Oklahoma State WR 4Sr




There was a bit of shock two months ago when I tweeted area scouts had stamped Shawn Oakman as a 3rd/4th round pick. After watching the film I understand why. Oakman is physically impressive and makes plays- on occasion. While he can be a dominant force it seems all too often Oakman is a “once blocked, stays blocked” type of defender. After watching the film I came away reminded of Quinton Coples.

Oakman could take a lesson in tenacity from his teammate, Andrew Billings. The fiery nose tackle plays non-stop and is a constant force, either disrupting the action or occupying blocks and allowing teammates to make plays. I’m probably underrating him a tad, but as is the case with most underclassmen I want to see his true computer numbers.

The same time I posted my tweet on Oakman, I also put out the news that some scouts view Spencer Drango as a late rounder, which I completely disagree with. Though he may not be the greatest athlete Drango has good size, length and football intelligence. He’s a great technician with next level starting potential.

Iowa State

I find ISU an easy team to root for but their next level talent leaves a lot to be desired. Receiver Quenton Bundrage, who hurt his knee during the initial game last season then missed the rest of the year, is the team’s top prospect but a free agent on my board. He offers solid size/speed numbers and was both dependable and productive in 2013.


Years of sub-par recruiting could hurt the Jayhawks on the field and will hurt them in NFL war rooms.

Running back Corey Avery graded as the teams top prospect but was dismissed from the program in early June.

That leaves offensive tackle Larry Mazyck, a massive blocker who dominates opponents when on his game but must improve every facet of his blocking.

Kansas State

I’ve been on the Cody Whitehair wagon the past three years as he’s a nasty, strong blocker effective in all areas of the game. Unlike scouts, I believe his best position at the next level is offensive guard rather than tackle.

Keep an eye on cornerback Danzel McDaniel. He offers next level ball skills and flashes the ability to shut down opponents. His deep speed in long coverage is a concern but I believe McDaniel can line-up as a dime back on Sunday’s in a zone system.


The West Virginia game notwithstanding when he was torched by Kevin White, Zack Sanchez has the makings of a first round pick. He offers next level ball skills and stands out making plays when his back is to the ball. Size is the question mark for Sanchez.

Poor size will also be an issue for linebacker Eric Striker, the linebacker who lives up to his name. He’s an explosive athlete but built more like a safety than a defensive front seven player.

Oklahoma State

For the most part the top Oklahoma State prospects in the draft have come from the offensive side of the ball. That changed when Justin Gilbert was selected with the 9th pick of the draft in 2014 and once again their top next level prospect is a defender.

Junior Emmanuel Ogbah is an explosive pass rushing end who plays with great athleticism, offers the ability to stand up over tackle and seems to have the growth potential to develop into an every down end.


When I watch the TCU film I am amazed the way the coaching staff extracts every ounce of ability from their players. The Horned Frogs don’t put great athletes on the field (think Paul Dawson and Chris Hackett) rather really good football players.

Hence the case moving forwards.

Receiver Josh Doctson is the teams top prospect as he’s a reliable wide out who displays solid run after the catch skill. Doctson lacks elite size/speed numbers which will push him out of the top 40 selections, though a number of scouts believe he is the top receiver from the senior class.

I like the potential of the team’s other receiver Kolby Listenbee, who flashes big play ability but needs to up his production a bit. Listenbee offers terrific measurables and the talent to line-up as a third receiver on Sunday.


Dylan Haines is a well rounded safety who’s fearless defending the run while also displaying top ball skills in coverage. He offers solid size and is coming off a breakout campaign, which he needs to build upon, but I believe he has second day potential.

Opinions are mixed on quarterback Tyrone Swoopes but put me in the camp of those who believe he’ll develop into a big time talent. Swoopes is a tremendous athlete with a next level arm but also a quarterback prospect that displays himself to be more passer than thrower. I love his patience in the pocket as he’s by no means a run first signal caller. I also feel he makes solid decisions. That said Swoopes is sort of on the fence at this point and must really turn the corner in 2015 and improve the nuances of his game if scouts are to fully move into his camp.

Texas Tech

Le’Raven Clark is highly rated in many circles but I’m not a believer. On film I see a big guy who flashes athleticism but an offensive tackle who shows little in the way of balance or finishing strength.

West Virginia

After having a receiver selected in the early part of round one last April, the top NFL prospects on the WVU roster can be found in their secondary.

Daryl Worley offers the size and ball skills to be a starter at the next level. He shuts down opponents who only occasionally throw in his direction. I presently grade the junior as an early third rounder but rest assured, another good season will push him into the top 45 if he measures/times well.

Most scouts like Karl Joseph over K.J. Dillion, but I disagree. Dillon has a size advantage over his teammate and is significantly better making plays when the ball is in the air.