IfediAlabama sits atop my draft board of the best NFL prospects in the SEC but their western division foe Mississippi is strong with three of the top six prospects in the conference.  Here are rankings, ratings and notes on 168 NFL prospects from the SEC.




RndFull NamePosSchoolYear
1stA’Shawn RobinsonDTAlabama3Jr
1stGermain IfediTTexas A&M4Jr
1stLaQuon TreadwellWRMississippi3Jr
1stTre’Davious WhiteCBLSU3Jr
1-2Laremy TunsilTMississippi3Jr
1-2Robert NkemdicheDTMississippi3Jr
1-2Leonard FloydOLBGeorgia3Jr
1-2Reginald RaglandILBAlabama4Sr
2ndJarran ReedDTAlabama4Sr
2ndJordan JenkinsOLBGeorgia4Sr
2ndRicky Seals-JonesWRTexas A&M3So
2ndDa’Runnya  WilsonWRMississippi St3Jr
2ndAntonio MorrisonILBFlorida4Sr
2ndKendell BeckwithILBLSU3Jr
2ndWill RedmondCBMississippi St5Sr
2ndShon ColemanTAuburn4Jr
2-3Jerald HawkinsTLSU4Jr
3rdKeanu NealSFlorida3Jr
3rdBen BrownILBMississippi St4Jr
3rdD’Haquille WilliamsWRAuburn4Sr
3rdRudy FordSAuburn3Jr
3rdHarold BrantleyDTMissouri4Jr
3rdJosh ReynoldsWRTexas A&M3Jr
3rdShaan WashingtonOLBTexas A&M3Jr
3rdVernon HargreavesCBFlorida3Jr
3rdTony ConnerSMississippi3Jr
3-4Evan BoehmCMissouri4Sr
3-4O.J. HowardTEAlabama3Jr
3-4Dan SkipperTArkansas3Jr
3-4Jalen MillsSLSU4Sr
4thDak PrescottQBMississippi St5Sr
4thHunter HenryTEArkansas3Jr
4thCassanova MckinzyILBAuburn4Sr
4thConnor McgovernGMissouri5Sr
4thVadal AlexanderTLSU4Sr
4thCurt MaggittOLBTennessee4Sr
4thTaveze CalhounCBMississippi St5Sr
4thCam SuttonCBTennessee3Jr
4thJonathan AllenDEAlabama3Jr
4thRyan KellyCAlabama5Sr
4-5Cyrus JonesCBAlabama4Sr
4-5Zach JonesSMississippi St5Sr
4-5Sean CulkinTEMissouri4Jr
4-5Pharoh CooperWRSouth Carolina3Jr
5thRyan AndersonOLBAlabama4Jr
5thKris FrostOLBAuburn5Sr
5thJordan SwindleTKentucky4Sr
5thJosh ForrestILBKentucky5Sr
5thMarquiz NorthWRTennessee3Jr
5thKendrick MarketSMississippi St5Sr
5thBrian PooleCBFlorida4Sr
5thTra CarsonRBTexas A&M5Sr
5thAaron MorrisGMississippi4Sr
5thAndrew KaserPTexas A&M5Sr
5thMichael SchererOLBMissouri4Jr
5-6Chris LaCoutureDTLSU3Jr
5-6C.J. JohnsonILBMississippi4Sr
5-6Montravius AdamsDTAuburn3Jr
5-6Derrick HenryRBAlabama3Jr
5-6Fadol BrownDEMississippi4Jr
6thJonathan BullardDEFlorida4Sr
6thBlake McClainCBKentucky3Jr
6thCharles HarrisDEMissouri3So
6thMichael MatthewsCTexas A&M4Sr
6thAlex CollinsRBArkansas3Jr
6thAarion PentonCBMissouri3Jr
6thBrandon ShellTSouth Carolina5Sr
6thJohn TheusTGeorgia4Sr
6thDe’Vante HarrisCBTexas A&M4Sr
6thJalen Reeves-MaybinOLBTennessee3Jr
6thPatrick TowlesQBKentucky4Jr
6thJustin SeniorTMississippi St4Jr
6thJoseph CheekGTexas A&M5Sr
6thFahn CooperTMississippi5Sr
6thGreg PykeGGeorgia3Jr
6thJonathan WilliamsRBArkansas4Sr
6thIsaiah JohnsonSSouth Carolina5Sr
6thEvan EngramTEMississippi3Jr
6thCody CoreWRMississippi4Sr
6thSebastian TretolaGArkansas4Sr
6thKenya DennisCBMissouri4Sr
6thDennis PettwayDEAlabama5Sr
6thBrandon WildsRBSouth Carolina5Sr
6-7Darius EnglishDESouth Carolina4Jr
6-7Chris MoodySSouth Carolina4Jr
6-7Regie MeantDTKentucky3So
6-7Donavin NewsomOLBMissouri4Jr
6-7Kenyan DrakeRBAlabama4Sr
7thBrooks EllisILBArkansas3Jr
7thKentrell BrothersOLBMissouri5Sr
7thJerell AdamsTESouth Carolina4Sr
7thBrian RandolphSTennessee5Sr
7-FAChris JonesDTMississippi St3Jr
FALaDarrell McNeilSTennessee4Sr
FAMelvin LewisDTKentucky5Sr
FAWoodrow HamiltonDTMississippi5Sr
FAJonathan JonesCBAuburn4Sr
FATabor JalenCBFlorida3Jr
FAJosh AugustaDTMissouri3Jr
FAQuincy MaugerSGeorgia3Jr
FAVon PearsonWRTennessee4Sr
FANick JamesDTMississippi St4Jr
FACody QuinnCBKentucky4Sr
FADenver KirklandGArkansas3Jr
FAQuayvon HicksFBGeorgia4Sr
FARussell HansbroughRBMissouri4Sr
FABrandon AllenQBArkansas5Sr
FARicardo LouisWRAuburn4Sr
FAAlonzo WilliamsDTTexas A&M4Sr
FAKeon HatcherWRArkansas4Sr
FAJoshua DawsonDEGeorgia4Sr
FASteven ScheuTEVanderbilt5Sr
FAAndrew JelksTVanderbilt4Jr
FAKyle LeStrangeFBGeorgia3Jr
FAJustin MaloneGMississippi St5Sr
FAKelvin TaylorRBFlorida3Jr
FAChaz ElderSSouth Carolina4Jr
FAJeremy JohnsonQBAuburn3Jr
FABrandon WilliamsRBTexas A&M5Sr
FARyan FlanniganILBKentucky4Sr
FAJustin BellGMississippi5Sr
FAJosh DobbsQBTennessee3Jr
FARalph Abernathy IVRBTennessee5Sr
FATimothy GurleySSouth Carolina4Sr
FAAlton HowardWRTennessee4Sr
FAChanning WardDEMississippi4Jr
FAMalcolm MitchellWRGeorgia4Sr
FATravin DuralWRLSU4Jr
FAAlvin StampsSKentucky4Sr
FALamar LouisOLBLSU4Sr
FAGerald Dixon JrDTSouth Carolina5Sr
FADillon GordonGLSU4Sr
FASterling BaileyDEGeorgia4Sr
FAJeremy SprinkleTEArkansas4Jr
FAAlex McCalisterDEFlorida4Jr
FACarl LawsonDEAuburn3So
FAIan SimonSMissouri5Sr
FARyan BrownDEMississippi St4Sr
FATrae ElstonSMississippi4Sr
FAKolton HoustonTGeorgia4Sr
FAGerald DixonDTSouth Carolina4Jr
FAJaylen WaltonRBMississippi4Sr
FAJulien ObiohaDETexas A&M4Sr
FAMarcus JacksonGTennessee5Sr
FADeion JonesOLBLSU4Sr
FAMelvin RayWRAuburn4Sr
FAFrederick ThurmanGFlorida5Sr
FADenzel NkemdicheSMississippi4Sr
FAJacob BernsteinGVanderbilt5Sr
FAMichael HiltonCBMississippi4Sr
FAGeno SmithSAlabama4Sr
FADeMarcus RobinsonWRFlorida3Jr
FACaleb AzubikeILBVanderbilt4Sr
FASpencer PulleyGVanderbilt5Sr
FAMitch SmothersCArkansas5Sr
FARome JayTEGeorgia4Sr
FAQuentin ThomasDTLSU5Sr
FADevonta BurnsSTexas A&M5Sr
FAJake McgeeTEFlorida6Sr
FADavonte LambertDEAuburn4Sr
FAMitch HallGMissouri5Sr
FARohan GainesSArkansas4Sr
FAJoe MorrowWRMississippi St5Sr
FAAndrew WilliamsonSVanderbilt5Sr
FAChristopher MayesDTGeorgia4Sr
FADenzel DevallOLBAlabama4Sr
FADominick JacksonTAlabama4Sr
FAJake CokerQBAlabama5Sr


As usual the Tide is loaded with top prospects and junior A’Shawn Robinson sits atop my board in the SEC.

The big defensive tackle is a space eater with both power and movement skills. He can occupy the gaps or make plays behind the line of scrimmage as well as outside the box. Sources tell me they fully expect Robinson to enter the 2016 draft and word in the agent community is he’s already picked his representative, something not all that unusual.

My opinion of Dennis Pettway (6th/7th round area) differs from scouts (street free agent). Though he lacks great measurables Pettway is constantly around the action making positive plays. They’ll be a place for him in the NFL, likely as a three technique tackle.


The strength of the Razorbacks next level prospects can be found in the junior class.

Hunter Henry is an athletic pass catching tight end who consistently creates mismatches downfield.

Dan Skipper is a lot more than just a big body at tackle rather a surprisingly fluid athlete who can block the edge or dominate run blocking.

Keep an eye on receiver Keon Hatcher. He has shown flashes of next level ability the past two seasons and was quietly productive in 2014. He comes with average size/speed numbers but enough skill to line-up as a fifth receiver on Sunday.


I believe Shon Coleman has all the makings to be the next big time offensive line prospect from Auburn. He combines the size, strength and the athleticism to start at left tackle on Sunday’s.

From a size/speed point of view Cassanova Mckinzy does not measure up but he’s a disruptive defender and a terrific prospect that can be moved around the front seven by a creative NFL coordinator.

Kris Frost possesses next level mesurables but has shown a degree of inconsistency on the field. He played like a big time prospect in 2013 but never elevated his game last season.

There’s a lot of love in the scouting community for D’Haquille Williams as he possesses awesome size/speed numbers. In my opinion he also comes with an incredibly consistent game and is more athlete than polished receiver to this point.

To a man most scouts feel the cornerback duo of Brian Poole and Vernon Hargreaves are significantly overrated. Poole is considered a late ronder by scouts and Hargreaves is not mentioned on a number of underclassmen lists teams have assembled.

On the other hand Neal Keanu is a Gators secondary prospect that does not receive the credit he’s due. The productive safety stands out defending the run as well as covering the pass and rarely has breakdowns on the field. I’m a fan of his game though his next level grade will largely depend on works out prior to the draft. He reminds me of former Gators safety Major Wright.


I’ve been a proponent of Leonard Floyd since the end of his freshman season and feel he has top twelve potential. The way he finished the season last year was a concern as Floyd was non-existent for long stretches. Despite rumblings he would enter April’s draft he made the correct decision by returning for another year. Word from Athens is the talented defender will be used at several linebacker positions this season, which will only enhance his draft stock if he responds with production and consistency.

I’m told scouts like offensive lineman John Theus as a middle round choice but I don’t see it. He’s a servicable tackle but lacks the athleticism and footwork for the left side as well as the brute strength necessary to line up at right tackle.


Jordan Swindle is another SEC offensive lineman scouts think highly of. He’s relatively athletic on film showing the ability to block on the second level and control opponents at the point. That said he lacks footwork in pass protection, must improve his playing balance and consistently block with proper fundamentals.

Linebacker Josh Forest has terrific measurables and plays fierce, aggressive football but needs to develop a complete game. He moves with speed in all directions of the field, covers a good amount of area and is effective in both coverage and pursuit. Forest is not a strong open field tackler and at times has ball carriers running through his arms.


Its amazing how LSU is able to reload every year despite the mass exodus of underclassmen talent that’s becoming an annual ritual.

Tre’Davious White has big time talent and is poised to be the best next level corner from LSU since Patrick Peterson. He comes with better than average size, solid ball skills and makes plays with his back to the ball. If he pulls it together he’ll move into the top half of round one.

I love Kendell Beckwith’s explosion, tenacity and ability to make plays sideline to sideline as well as his instincts. I’d also love to know what his true computer numbers are.

Jerald Hawkins is a blocker that’s been highly considered on my board for the past two years. He’s a natural right tackle with better than average skills in pass protection.


The great recruiting classes ‘Ole Miss has signed in recent years will finally have an effect in NFL war rooms next April.

LaQuon Treadwell is the big, dominant receiver that projects well in today’s NFL. He’s smooth, almost graceful with natural hands and projects as a number one at the next level if he’s able to get back on track after his horrendous injury from late last season.

A lot has been said about tackle Laremy Tunsil lately, a prospect with great upside. Explosive at the point of attack, he displays enough footwork to slide off the edge on the left side as well as the strength to drive opponents off the line as a strong side run blocker. Tunsil still needs a bit of work on his game as he’s very inconsistent with his mechanics.

Tony Conner is a defensive back who does not receive due credit in my opinion. Conner, who can line up at safety or cornerback, is well sized, aggressive and comes with solid ball skills. I grade him as a third rounder but he has the talent to move into the second frame if he continues to improve.

Mississippi State

Da’Runnya Wilson is another big time game controlling receiver from the Magnolia State. Like his counter part from ‘Ole Miss, Wilson physically beats down opponents and dominates the opposition.

Scouts love cornerback Will Redmond and though the overall talent is available, I don’t rank him as one of the better senior corners at this point.

Conversely I believe Taveze Calhoun, who was slowed by an ankle injury last season, is significantly overlooked. His ball skills and instincts are on a par with Redmond’s and I dare say Calhoun is more consistent.

Keep an eye on Ben Brown, a complete three down defender that offers second day potential.


Harold Brantley flashes big time ability on the inside at defensive tackle and will be the focus of opponents this season considering junior defections and graduations on the Tigers line. He’s explosive as well as athletic and can be very tough to handle.

Evan Boehm could contend for the top center spot next April. He’s a complete center that’s been very productive on the college level.

South Carolina

Expect a drop off in draftable talent coming from the South Carolina program the next few years compared to what its been in the past.

Possibly the most intriguing prospect is tight end Jerell Adams, who scouts feel is middle round value. Adams offers size (6-feet, 5-inches/230+ pounds), speed (4.6’s) and growth potential. What he lacks is productivity and a body of work. The potential is there for Adams to make a move up draft boards with a big senior season.

At one time I graded Chaz Elder as a potential last day pick but his game has fallen off and the big-bodied safety was almost non-existent last season.


The next level talent on the Volunteers roster offers a lot of upside.

Curt Maggitt is a physical specimen who flashes brilliance but needs to round out his game. I’ve stamped him as a fourth rounder but a top 75 selection is a possibility with a good campaign.

Corners Cam Sutton and receiver Marquiz North are pair of juniors with the potential to rise up draft boards.

I’ll be closely watching Ralph Abernathy IV, the versatile skill player who transferred from Cincinnati. Abernathy, who’s been ignored by scouts, can line up at receiver, in the backfield and help out as a return specialist.

Texas A&M

This time last year I wrote glowingly about then offensive guard Germain Ifedi and predicted he was the next great offensive line prospect from A&M. I was even more impressed watching him at right tackle in 2014 and feel he’s being vastly underrated. Ifedi possesses the footwork and mobility to pass protect as well as the athleticism to block in motion. Though he needs to improve his run blocking strength Ifedi has the makings of a starting tackle at the next level who can play on the either left or right side. Word at present time is Ifedi will enter the 2016 NFL draft.

Ricky Seals-Jones is yet another big-bodied game controlling receiver from the SEC and a prospect with the ability to develop into a first rounder. Reynolds plays strong and shows a lot of consistency on the field.

Scouts I’ve spoken with view Tra Carson as a free agent prospect but I disagree and feel he could end up in the middle part of day three. He has the size and style to pound opponents on the inside but also enough short area quickness to evade defenders or piles.


Not a whole lot to get excited about at Vandy.

Scouts feel tight end Steve Scheu could develop into a late rounder but I feel his blocking is average and his speed is subpar.

Andrew Jelks, the high revving defensive tackle, is out of position in college and could get serious looks at middle linebacker next summer.