DeckerIn a Seinfeld episode titled “The Dinner Party”, Jerry sits in a bakery with a black and white cookie in his hands telling everyone, “Look to the cookie!  Look to the cookie!”  This year the cry in the scouting community will be “Look to the Buckeyes!  Look to the Buckeyes!”  as the next level talent on the Ohio State roster is immense,  plentiful and leads the way in Big Ten.


Rnd Full Name School Pos Yr
1st Joey Bosa Ohio State DE 3Jr
1st Eli Apple Ohio State CB 3So
1st Taylor Decker Ohio State T 4Sr
1st Jack Conklin Michigan State T 4Jr
1st Darron Lee Ohio State OLB 4Jr
2nd Connor Cook Michigan State QB 5Sr
2nd Ezekiel Elliott Ohio State RB 3Jr
2nd Christian Hackenberg Penn State QB 3Jr
2nd Jordan Lomax Iowa S 5Sr
2nd Vonn Bell Ohio State S 3Jr
2nd Cardale Jones Ohio State QB 4Jr
3rd Shilique Calhoun Michigan State DE 5Sr
3rd Desmond King Iowa CB 3Jr
3rd Adolphus Washington Ohio State DT 4Sr
3rd Eric Murray Minnesota CB 4Sr
3rd Pat Elflein Ohio State G 4Jr
3rd Briean Boddy-Calhoun Minnesota CB 5Sr
3rd RJ Williamson Michigan State S 5Sr
3rd Jason Spriggs Indiana T 4Sr
3rd James Ross Michigan OLB 4Sr
3-4 Michael Thomas Ohio State WR 4Jr
4th Anthony Zettel Penn State DT 5Sr
4th Austin Blythe Iowa C 5Sr
4th De’Vondre Campbell Minnesota OLB 5Sr
4th Nick Vannett Ohio State TE 5Sr
4th T.J. Simmons Indiana ILB 3Jr
4th Joshua Perry Ohio State ILB 4Sr
4th Jack Allen Michigan State C 5Sr
4-5 Greg Mabin Iowa CB 4Jr
4-5 Joel Heath Michigan State DT 5Sr
5th Drew Ott Iowa DE 4Sr
5th Nathan Sudfeld Indiana QB 4Sr
5th Billy Price Ohio State G 3So
5th Desmond Morgan Michigan OLB 5Sr
5th Mario Ojemudia Michigan DE 4Sr
5th Corey Clement Wisconsin RB 3Jr
6th Jalen Brooks Maryland OLB 3So
6th Maliek Collins Nebraska DT 3Jr
6th Ed Davis Michigan State OLB 5Sr
6th Graham Glasgow Michigan G 5Sr
5-6 Yannick Ngakoue Maryland OLB 3Jr
6th Danny Ezechukwu Purdue OLB 3So
6th Jake Butt Michigan TE 3Jr
6th Willie Henry Michigan DT 4Jr
6th Vince Biegel Wisconsin OLB 4Jr
6th KeithLumpkin Rutgers T 5Sr
6th Jordan Lucas Penn State CB 4Sr
6th Ike Boettger Iowa T 3So
6th Kyle Carter Penn State TE 5Sr
6th Michael Dunn Maryland T 4Jr
6th Vincent Valentine Nebraska DT 3Jr
6th Jack Lynn Minnesota OLB 4Jr
6-7 David Santos Nebraska ILB 5Sr
6-7 Dan Vitale Northwestern FB 4Sr
6-7 Austin Johnson Penn State DT 4Jr
6-7 Jordan Walsh Iowa G 5Sr
6-7 Kyle Kalis Michigan G 4Jr
6-7 J.T. Barrett Ohio State QB 3So
6-7 Amara Darboh Michigan WR 4Jr
6-7 Chris Muller Rutgers G 4Jr
7th Leonte Carroo Rutgers WR 4Sr
7th Joshua Ferguson Illinois RB 5Sr
7th Dan Feeney Indiana G 3Jr
7th Matt VandeBerg Iowa WR 3Jr
7th Akeel Lynch Penn State RB 4Jr
7th Sean Davis Maryland S 4Sr
7th Josey Jewell Iowa OLB 3So
7th Tevaun Smith Iowa WR 4Sr
7th Paul James Rutgers RB 5Sr
7th Frankie Williams Purdue CB 5Sr
7th Michael Caputo Wisconsin S 5Sr
7th Darien Harris Michigan State OLB 5Sr
7th Braxton Miller Ohio State WR 5Sr
7th Joe Bolden Michigan ILB 4Sr
7th Lawrence Thomas Michigan State DT 5Sr
7th Tyler Marz Wisconsin T 5Sr
7th Taco Charlton Michigan DE 3Jr
7th Scott Ekpe Minnesota DT 4Jr
7th Quinton Jefferson Maryland DE 4Sr?
7th Robert Kugler Purdue C 5Sr
FA Dean Lowry Northwestern DE 4Sr
FA Anthony Brown Purdue CB 4Sr
FA Theiren Cockran Minnesota DE 5Sr
FA Jalin Marshall Ohio State WR 3So
FA Darian Hicks Michigan State CB 3Jr
FA Bradley Craddock Maryland K 5Sr
FA Marcus Leak Maryland WR 4Sr?
FA Geno Lewis Penn State WR 4Jr
FA A.J. Williams Michigan TE 4Sr
FA Jihad Ward Illinois DE 4Sr
FA Christian Jones Northwestern WR 5Sr
FA Ted Karras Illinois G 5Sr
FA  Alexander Lewis Nebraska T 5Sr
FA Trevon Pendleton Michigan State FB 5Sr
FA Damarius Travis Minnesota S 4Sr
FA William Likely Maryland CB 3Jr
FA Sojourn Shelton  Wisconsin CB 5Sr
FA Aaron Burbridge Michigan State WR 4Sr
FA Erik Magnuson Michigan G 4Jr
FA Traveon Henry Northwestern S 4Sr
FA Darius Hamilton Rutgers DT 4Sr
FA Josiah Price Michigan State TE 4Jr
FA Joshua Campion Minnesota G 5Sr
FA Jacob Duzey Iowa TE 4Sr
FA Anthony Nixon Maryland S 4Sr
FA Blake Countess Michigan CB 5Sr
FA Darius Hillary Wisconsin CB 5Sr
FA Kodi Kieler Michigan State T 4Jr
FA Mike Dudek Illinois WR 3Jr
FA Nathan Gerry Nebraska S 3Jr
FA Jordan Roos Purdue G 4Jr
FA Joel Stave Wisconsin QB 5Sr
FA Miles Thomas Minnesota FB 4Sr
FA Tyvis Powell Ohio State S 3Jr
FA Jamal Turner Nebraska WR 5Sr
FA Alex Erickson Wisconsin WR 5Sr
FA Ralph Green III Indiana DT 4Jr
FA Keith Lumpkin Rutgers T 5Sr
FA Bo Bower Iowa OLB 3So
FA Quentin Gause Rutgers OLB 5Sr
FA Robert Ndondo-Lay Minnesota DE 5Sr
FA Darius Latham Indiana DT 3Jr
FA Jefferson Ashiru Maryland OLB 5Sr
FA Ben Lauer  Minnesota T 4Jr
FA T.J. Neal Illinois OLB 4Jr
FA Trevor Williams Penn State CB 4Sr
FA Taylor Barton Illinois S 4Jr
FA Mason Monheim Illinois ILB 5Sr
FA A.J. Hendy Maryland S 5Sr
FA Tanner Mcevoy Wisconsin QB 5Sr
FA Givens Price Nebraska T 4Sr
FA Nicholas Vanhoose Northwestern CB 5Sr
FA Jarrod Wilson Michigan S 4Sr
FA Brandon Ross Maryland RB 4Sr
FA Donavon Clark Michigan State G 5Sr
FA Carl Nassib Penn State DE 5Sr
FA Antonio Johnson Minnesota S 4Sr
FA Aaron Bailey Illinois QB 3Jr
FA Andrew Zeller Maryland G 5Sr
FA Jake Rudock Michigan QB 5Sr
FA Daniel Anthrop Purdue WR 4Sr
FA Austin Appleby Purdue QB 4Jr
FA Angelo Mangiro Penn State C 5Sr
FA Geoff Mogus Northwestern G 4Sr
FA Jordan Fredrick Wisconsin WR 5Sr
FA Daniel Davie Nebraska CB 5Sr
FA Nicholas Mangieri Indiana DE 4Sr
FA Derek Watt Wisconsin FB 5Sr
FA Greg McMullen Nebraska DE 3Jr
FA Zachary Sterup Nebraska T 5Sr
FA Antonio Allen x-Indiana S 3Jr
FA Benjamin Kline Penn State OLB 5Sr
FA Geronimo Allison Illinois WR 4Sr
FA Joe Bjorklund Minnesota G 5Sr
FA Ryan Doyle Maryland G 5Sr
FA Michael Rouse III Purdue DT 5Sr



Illinois has not had a player selected in the past two draft’s but Josh Ferguson could end the drought. He’s a shifty, third down back very effective catching the ball out of the backfield.


Nate Sudfeld will be a quarterback debated in the lead up to next April’s draft. As for my opinion, I believe he projects as a back-up at the next level.

On the other hand I feel Jason Spriggs is a tackle with starting potential, assuming he passes medicals. He’s not a flashy rather efficient and fundamentally sound.

Junior linebacker T.J. Simmons is slightly undersized but explosive and stands out in pursuit. He’s a scheme-specific player but has a good amount of next level potential.


From an NFL prospect point of view I love the Hawkeyes secondary.

Though he lacks great measurables junior Desmond King is a shut down corner with complete ball skills,.

Greg Mabin, another junior, has better size than his counterpart at cornerback and also offers next level ball skills.

Senior safety Jordan Lomax is a Bob Sanders type; height deficient but explosive defending the run while also displaying ball skills outside the numbers.

The sleeper on offense could be receiver Tevaun Smith. I grade him as a 7th rounder, which I’m told is a smidge higher than scouts but the senior has a next level build plus deceptive speed.

Reggie Spearman
must be mentioned here despite transferring from Iowa to Illinois State. The explosive linebacker plays with great suddenness and projects well on the inside of a 3-4.


It’ll be interesting to see how teams project Sean Davis at the next level. I have him as a late round safety but I’m told some scouts feel he can line-up at cornerback.

The other Maryland prospect to keep an eye on is defensive lineman Quinton Jefferson. Off the 2013 film I ranked Jefferson as a 5th rounder with the arrow pointing north. Jefferson played three games in 2014 before suffering a season ending knee injury. I’m told as of late scouts have marked him as a junior to watch.


If I was to compare James Ross to anyone it would be former Wolverine Dhani Jones. Like Jone, the senior lacks classic size but is explosive, fearless and football smart.

I liked Desmond Morgan’s game before his injury last season and feel he’ll be a solid last day pick that can line-up in sub packages as well as play special teams.

Graham Glasgow is a prospect I may be underrating a tad. He’s a nasty mauler that finishes blocks yet is only effective in a phone booth which limits his appeal.

Area scouts told me they stamped Mario Ojemudia as a potential third round pick. The senior defensive end has outstanding size/speed numbers and plays with great athleticism but he’s never nailed down the starting job on a consistent basis and has pedestrian production. Ojemudia offers a great amount of upside but needs to be a consistent producer before I grade him as a potential second day draft pick.

Michigan State

In my opinion Jack Conklin is a sure fire first round pick and top 20 selection. He possesses the size, temperament and intelligence to be an immediate starter at the next level. I also believe Conklin can line-up at left tackle on Sunday’s.

Another lineman on the Spartans I really like is defensive tackle Joel Heath. He offers size, growth potential (6′ 6″/295lbs) and plays strong football. Heath is equally adept at making plays on the ball handler as well as occupying blockers to create opportunities for teammates. I’m told scouts stamped Heath as a late rounder but I believe he’s middle round worthy and potentially a top 125 player should he turn in a productive senior campaign.

Quarterback Connor Cook and pass rusher Shilique Calhoun are a pair of overrated Spartans in my opinion.

Cook has the physical skills to start on the NFL level but makes to many head scratching throws which is worrisome. I don’t feel he’s worthy of being a top 15 choice as many predict.

Many salivate over Calhoun but I just don’t know where he lines up at the next level. He’s small for defensive end (250lbs) and lacks the speed for outside linebacker. Calhoun will be over drafted due to his pass rushing skills.


Expect a number of top 100 choices from the Gophers defense next year.

Area scouts rank Briean Boddy-Calhoun over teammate Eric Murray but my rankings are reversed. Both have next level ball skills but I prefer Murray’s size/speed advantage as well as his ability to make plays with his back to the ball.

I think highly of linebacker De’Vondre Campbell. He’s a scheme diverse three down defender that displays exceptional skill in space.


The best Sunday talent coming from the Cornhusker program can be found from the junior class and its on the defensive side of the ball.

Maliek Collins and Vincent Valentine show flashes of dominance and offer big upside. Though I grade safety Nathan Gerry as a free agent he comes with terrific size and is someone who could move north on draft boards if he puts together a complete game.


Keep an eye on receiver Christian Jones, who was left off most scouting lists. He’s a big bodied pass catcher who showed well in 2013 then sat on the sidelines last year after injuring his left knee. Unfortunately additional surgery was required on the joint in April after Jones re-injured the knee. It was a minor procedure but Jones should be able to participate in camp next month.

Fullback Dan Vitale is someone I could see sliding into the late rounds as he’s a terrific fit in a west coast offense.

Ohio State

Wow, wow, wow!! I could go on for days writing about the next level talent on the Buckeye roster but time is limited and my writing’s mediocre, so I’ll be brief.

I’ve been high on Taylor Decker since his sophomore season and feel he’s worthy of top 20 consideration. Fundamentally sound and athletically underrated, he’s a solid athlete that can play left or right tackle. Practicing against Joey Bosa will just enhance his play and draft stock.

Eli Apple has the ability to be a special corner as he combines size, ball skills and a head for the position. He’s top 15 material on my board.

Darron Lee could be a stronger, more explosive version of Ryan Shazier while Vonn Bell is rounding into a complete safety.

I presently grade nine Buckeyes as top three round players and feel receiver Michael Thomas, tight end Nick Vannett and possibly linebacker Josh Perry could contend as top 100 selections.

Penn State

Many have stamped Christian Hackenberg as a franchise signal caller but I don’t see it. While he offers top 15 physical skills his defensive reads, decisions making and often sporadic accuracy worry me.

Anthony Zettel is a prospect I may have underrated. He possesses the measurables and nastiness to be a big time player but really needs to put it together.


I’ve seen Keith Lumpkin receive some high grades but I’m not a believer. To me he’s just a big body rather than a good offensive tackle as he’s stiff, off balance and best in phone booth.

Receiver Leonte Carroo is small but has shown game breaking skill on occasion. His return abilities could elevate him up draft boards.


Not a whole lot on the Badgers roster compared to recent years.

Jordan Fredrick was someone who caught my eye as a sophomore but his game has regressed. Cornerback Shelton Sojourn flashes skill but has poor size/speed numbers.