TylerTop NFL prospects from the American Athletic Conference.  The league had a pair of first round selections last April but I see nothing but last day choices on the board as of now, with Temple and Cincinnati leading the way.

4thDion DawkinsTempleT3Jr
4thParker EhingerCincinnatiG5Sr
5thMekale MckayCincinnatiWR4Sr
5-6Bryce WilliamsEast CarolinaTE5Sr
5-6Tyler MatakevichTempleOLB4Sr
6thHershey WaltonTempleDT5Sr
6thShaquill GriffinCentralFloridaCB3Jr
6thAndrew AdamsConnecticutS5Sr
6thRyan MackMemphisT5Sr
6-7Deyshawn BondCincinnatiC4Jr
6-7Gunner KielCincinnatiQB4Jr
6-7Jamie ByrdSouth FloridaS5Sr
7thShaq WashingtonCincinnatiWR5Sr
7thMatthew IoannidisTempleDT4Sr
7thDerrick CallowaySouth FloridaDT3Jr
7thSilverberry MouhonCincinnatiDE5Sr
7thChristopher MooreCincinnatiWR4Sr
7thDarrell OvertonEast CarolinaOLB4Sr
FAZeek BiggerEast CarolinaILB4Sr
FATevin JonesMemphisWR5Sr
FAMikal MyersConnecticutDT4Jr
FAWilliam JacksonHoustonCB4Sr
FATavon YoungTempleCB4Sr
FADarrion RichardsonSMUS3Jr
FABlake BelcherTulsaG4Jr
FATion GreenCincinnatiRB4Sr
FAObi MelifonwuConnecticutS4Jr
FATaylor FallinMemphisT5Sr
FAJoshua HawkinsEast CarolinaCB4Sr
FAChris MorleyMemphisCB4Jr
FASean PriceSouth FloridaTE4Sr
FAKeyarris GarrettTulsaWR5Sr
FAJazzmar ClaxConnecticutFB4Jr
FATerrell StanleyEast CarolinaDE4Sr
FAJohnny HoltonCincinnatiWR4Sr
FAQuincy MckinneyEast CarolinaG4Sr
FAKeevan LucasTulsaWR3Jr
FAKyle FriendTempleC4Sr
FAMarvin HunterMemphisDE5Sr
FAPaxton LynchMemphisQB4Jr
FAJulian CampenniConnecticutDT5Sr
FAMarquise VannConnecticutOLB5Sr
FAJhavon WilliamsConnecticutCB4Jr
FAMichael MudohTulsaS4Sr
FAAlex WellTempleS4Sr
FAEric LoftonTempleT5Sr
FADemetris AndersonCentral FloridaDT5Sr
FAKenneth FarrowHoustonRB5Sr
FAIke HarrisEast CarolinaT5Sr
FASean McquillanConnecticutTE5Sr
FAK’Hadree HookerEast CarolinaDT4Jr
FATony MaysMemphisT3Jr
FARyan JacksonHoustonRB4Sr
FAMaurice NilesCentral FloridaDE5Sr
FADontae LevingstonEast CarolinaT4Sr
FAArturo UzdavinisTulaneT5Sr
FABrandon ShippenTempleWR4Sr
FAAdrian WittyCincinnatiCB4Sr
FAMax MorrisonCincinnatiWR5Sr
FAKenton AdeyemiConnecticutDE5Sr
FAEric LeeSouth FloridaDE4Sr
FAShakiel RandolphSMUCB4Sr
FADarius JosephSMUWR5Sr
FAAnthony LennonEast CarolinaS4Sr


Central Florida

UCF has had players selected in the first round during each of the past two draft’s yet may not have a single player chosen next April. While I stamped junior corner Shaq Griffin as a sixth round pick there’s a long road from my ranking to this actually taking place next April.


Scouts have a high opinion of offensive lineman Parker Ehringer and its easy to see why. He’s a nasty blocker with terrific power. I disagree with scouts who stamped him at offensive tackle as I feel he’s best at guard.

The Bearcats have a number of receivers that intrigue scouts including Shaq Williams who I feel is slightly underrated.  He’s a slot receiver that also helps out returning punts.


Despite putting a player in the first round last April the UConn program has fallen on hard times. Andrew Adams is one of the few draftable prospects from the senior class, possibly the only draftable senior, and though a solid football player with instincts I wonder how he’ll test in the run-up to 2016.

East Carolina

Keep an eye on tight end Bryce Williams. He’s a tough, dependable pass catcher and a prospect who could catch fire with a good senior season followed up by solid workouts in the lead up to April’s draft.

The same upward movement on draft boards is possible for linebackers Darrell Overton and Zeek Bigger. Overton is the better athlete while Bigger’s the better football player. Both are size deficient.


I liked Ryan Mack as a prospect when he wore a Louisville jersey and believe he’s late round worthy and can line up at right tackle on Sunday’s.

Receiver Tevin Jones is another prospect that offers possibilities at the next level as fifth man on the depth chart.

South Florida

From what I’m told area scouts really like safety Jamie Byrd. Built more like a corner than safety, he’s explosive, goes sideline to sideline and comes with solid cover skills.


I fully believe Temple will return to a bowl game this season as they are solid on both sides of the ball.

Dion Dawkins was a left tackle who impressed me. He’s a terrific pass protector with a nice degree of athleticism and foot quickness. My grade is based as much on Dawkins potential as his present playing skill.

Last year I wrote how impressed I was with linebacker Tyler Matakevich as he’s just a good football player with a sixth sense for what’s happening on the field. He’s not the greatest athlete but when I watch Matakevich I’m reminded of Stephen Boyd, a fifth round pick of the Detroit Lions in 1995 who went on to become a four time Pro Bowl selection.

A note on former Temple receiver Robbie Anderson who looked like a prospect in 2103 then sat on the sidelines last year after being ruled ineligible. Its been reported he will be playing at Florida Tech this season and he’s worth monitoring.


I want to like Keyarris Garrett as he presents himself as a strong, possession wide out who wins out for contested passes. At the same time he also shows too much inconsistency and a bit of foolish play in his game on occasion.