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The first player selected from the Sun Belt Conference in the 2012 draft was Louisiana Lafayette cornerback Dwight Bentley who was tabbed by the Detroit Lions in round three.  The Rajin Cajuns are likely to once again have the first player from the conference selected in the 2013 draft.  Again a cornerback.  Again in round three….

Sun Belt Conferece

Rnd Full Name Pos School Yr # Comments
3rd Melvin White CB La-Lafayette 5Sr 22 Nice sized cornerback that shows a lot of skill in his game. Offers terrific potential and could make a big move up draft boards with a good senior campaign.
5-6 Michael Dyer RB Arkansas St 3Jr Former Auburn back hoping to play this season.
7th Quanterus Smith DE West Kentucky 5Sr 93 Outstanding college pass rusher who is fast off the edge and can chase the action in pursuit.
FA Nexon Dorvilus TE Fla Atlantic 4Sr 9 Developing tight end that shows skill in all areas.
FA Javone Lawson WR La-Lafayette 4Sr 4 Well sized tackle prospect that is effective as a position blocker. Must improve his overall strength. Comes with an upside.
FA Taylor Stockemer WR Arkansas St 5Sr 2 Big, slowish possession receiver with dependable hands.
FA Samuel McRoy G Fla Atlantic 5Sr 53 Undersized college tackle likely to move to guard in the NFL. Shows great quickness, movement skills and very effective in motion. Potential zone blocking prospect.
FA Cory Henry OLB Florida Atlantic 3Jr 31 Athletic, three down linebacker with potential in a variety of defensive schemes.
FA Jose Cheeseborough CB Fla Int. 4Jr 27 Explosive yet undersized defensive back with good ball skills.
FA Jack Doyle TE West Kentucky 4Sr 82 Consistent and dependable tight end with minimal upside. Potential number three for the next level.
FA Josh Jarboe WR Arkansas St 5Sr 3
FA Isaiah Newsome S La-Monroe 4Sr 25 Solid safety with a complete game yet physical limitations.
FA Tourek Williams DE Fla Int. 4Sr 97 Athletic yet undersized defensive end that gives great effort.
FA Don Jones S Arkansas St 4Sr 5 Aggressive defensive back best facing the action in a zone system.
FA Cordian Hagans DT La-Lafayette 5Sr 93 Former offensive tackle who transferred from LSU. Made the switch to defensive line last year and show flashes of ability.
FA Jonathan Cyprien S Florida International 4Sr 25 Physical defensive back best facing the action.
FA Caylin Hauptmann G Florida International 4Sr 71 Thick, college left tackle that stand out in pass protection. Likely to move inside to guard at the next level.
FA Brynden Trawick S Troy 5Sr 10
FA Winston Fraser OLB Fla Int. 5Sr 34 Small yet explosive linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline. Potential one-gap linebacker/special teams player.
FA Nathan Herrold ILB Arkansas St 5Sr 40 Underrated linebacker that can play three downs.
FA Jaron Odom G La-Lafayette 5Sr 76 Massive right tackle prospect that shows terrific agility and flexibility. Needs to fine-tune his game yet has good size and upside.
FA Ryan Aplin QB Arkansas St 5Sr 16 Tough, smart and accurate passer with marginal physical skills.
FA Adam Smith G West Kentucky 5Sr 76 Massive lineman with the size and strength to engulf opponents. Not a great athlete yet has NFL type size.
FA Wes Jeffries G West Kentucky 5Sr 77
FA Evan Ruiz G La-Lafayette 5Sr 70

Conference USA produced the 11th pick of last April’s draft when the Kansas City Chiefs selected defensive tackle Dontari Poe.  Marshall’s Vinny Curry was next as the Philadelphia Eagles drafted the pass rusher in round two.  History may repeat itself next April as Marshall will very likely have another player chosen in the draft’s second round.

C-USA Prospects

Rnd Full Name School Pos Yr Num Comments
2-3 Aaron Dobson Marshall WR 4Sr 3 Strong, sure handed pass catcher with the physical skills and football ability to develop into a second receiver at the next level.
5t D.J. Hayden Houston CB 4Sr 2 Quick, smart cornerback with potential as a nickel in the NFL.
6th Ja’Gared Davis SMU OLB 4Sr 56 Relatively athletic linebacker goes sideline to sideline and shows ability in space.
6th Zach Line SMU FB 4Sr 48 Single back ball carrier that crimes it out on the inside. Displays a lot of toughness and intelligence in his game yet has limited speed.
6-7 Jamie Collins So Miss OLB 4Sr 8 Athletic linebacker that shows a lot of ability in pursuit.
6-7 Darius Johnson SMU WR 4Sr 3 Underrated receiver with good pass catching skills and exceptional ability running after the catch.
FA Taylor Reed SMU ILB 4Sr 44 Fiery run defender that makes a lot of plays in the box and up the field.
FA Phillip Steward Houston OLB 4Sr 42 Athletic three down linebacker that shows ability against the run and also effectively makes plays in space. Solid future prospect.
FA Reggie Travis Memphis WR 3So 84
FA Margus Hunt SMU DE 5Sr 92 Well sized offensive lineman that flashes skill.
FA Vance McDonald Rice TE 4Sr 88 Terrific pass catching tight end with limited physical skills. Could lineup as a move tight end in the NFL.
FA Marco Nelson Tulsa S 3Jr 20 Developing safety with good ball skills and the ability to make plays sideline to sideline.
FA Travon Van Marshall RB rSo 7 Swift, elusive all carrier that creates his own yardage and shows skill as a pass catcher out of the backfield.
FA Troy Davis Central Fla OLB 4Sr 58 Smallish college defensive end that will make the move to outside linebacker at the next level.
FA Terry Williams East Carolina DT 3So 54 Terrific young DT/NT prospect to keep an eye on.
FA Dexter McCoil Tulsa S 4Sr 26 King sized safety that displays solid ball skills between the numbers. Offers the size and growth potential to get consideration at outside linebacker.
FA Jordan Davis East Carolina G 4Jr 78 Potential zone blocking guard who must improve his strength.
FA Dominique Sullivan So Miss WR 3Jr 18 Big bodied pass catcher who watched his game take off last season. Potential fifth/possession receiver for the next level.
FA Michael Brooks East Carolina DT 4Sr 92 Hard working, small area defensive tackle that shows terrific quickness and hustle.
FA Chris Baker East Carolina OLB 4Sr 6 Relatively athletic linebacker that makes plays up the field or moving in reverse on passing downs.
FA Latavius Murray Central Fla RB 5Sr 28 Change of pace runner best on the inside.
FA Bryan Burnham Tulsa WR 4Sr 88 Big bodied, dependable receiver that offers potential on an NFL roster as a fifth wide out.
FA Nick Chartain Memphis G 3Jr 76
FA Antavious Wilson Marshall WR 5Sr 9 Somewhat inconsistent pass catcher that flashes skill.
FA Willie Carter Tulsa FB 5Sr 34 Terrific pass catcher out of the backfield that will get looks as a West Coast fullback.
FA Korey Williams So Miss OLB 6Sr 42 Underrated linebacker that can be used in a variety of positions and makes plays sideline to sideline. Displays good physical skills on tape yet shows questionable instincts at times.
FA Marcus Rucker Memphis WR 5Sr 18
FA Jacolby Ashworth Houston T 5Sr 76 Adequate pass blocking left tackle that must improve his playing strength.
FA Quentin Pierce So Miss WR 5Sr 85 Sure handed wide out coming off a disappointing season.
FA Jason Weaver So Miss G 5Sr 52

The SEC placed nine players in the first round of last April’s draft, four alone coming from the Alabama program.  The number of top 32 picks in the 2013 draft will be down comparably for both the Crimson Tide and the conference,  yet there’s still plenty of next level talent in the league.  Missouri & Texas A&M added…


Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Notes
2-3 James Franklin QB 1 3Jr Underrated and athletic passer that beat opponents in a variety of ways. Lacks classic signal caller size yet has an good upside.
4th Zaviar Gooden OLB 25 5Sr Fierce, sideline to sideline linebacker who chases the action hard. Shows a lot of skill in his all-around game. Average linebacker size.
5th Sheldon Richardson DT 34 4Sr Developing defensive lineman with a nice upside. Can be used at a variety of positions up front. Poised for a big campaign.
6-7 T.J. Moe WR 28 4Sr Reliable, tough and resilient pass catcher best running underneath routes.
FA Kip Edwards CB 1 5Sr Forceful cornerback best facing the action.

Texas A&M

Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Notes
2nd Christine Michael RB 33 4Sr Tough, between the tackles runner rarely brought down by a single defender. Shows the skills to be a feature runner at the next level.
2nd Jake Matthews T 75 3Jr Terrific right tackle prospect that combines good size, strength and fundamentals.
3rd Luke Joeckel T 76 3Jr Solid pass blocking left tackle who plays with good fundamentals. Also effective in motion.
4-5 Damontre Moore OLB 94 3Jr 3-4 outside linebacker expected to line-up at defensive end this season. Outstanding pass rusher that shows a great degree of athleticism in his game.
6th Jarvis Harrison G 51 3So Developing lineman with a good upside. Possesses size, athleticism and strength.
6th Steven Campbell S 2 4Sr Tall, athletic safety with a large upside. Effective outside the numbers making plays in coverage and forceful up the field defending the run.
6-7 Sean Porter OLB 10 4Sr Athletic linebacker that plays with a great degree of explosion. Tough up the field defending the run and effective in space.
7th Ryan Swope WR 25 4Sr Reliable and tough receiver best running underneath routes.
FA Michael Lamothe TE 19 4Sr Well rounded tight end that can also be used at H-back.
FA Uzoma Nwachukwu WR 7 4Sr Inconsistent pass catcher that needs a lot of work on his overall game.
FA Patrick Lewis G 61 4Sr Tough, small area blocker with a terrific lineman’s build.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
1-2 Chance Warmack G 65 5Sr Strong offensive lineman that anchors in pass protection while opening holes for the running game. Possesses an NFL body and the potential to be dominant at the next level.
2nd Jesse Williams DT 54 4Sr Underrated defensive lineman with enormous potential. Athletic, explosive and powerful. Rough around the edges but poised for a big season.
3rd Michael Williams TE 89 5Sr King sized tight end that looks like an offensive tackle on the field. Tremendous blocker that does an admirable job catching the ball.
3rd D.J. Fluker T 76 4Jr Big, strong right tackle prospect best in a small area.
3rd Robert Lester S 37 5Sr Underrated safety with a complete game. Physical and effective against the run while also showing solid ball skills.
4th DeMarcus Milliner CB 28 3Jr Fierce cornerback with a developing game that will get a chance to shine this season.
4th Barrett Jones T 75 5Sr Former left tackle that will move to center this season. Minimally athletic but smart and a terrific position blocker.
4th A.J. McCarron QB 10 4Jr Poised, patient passer with a great feel for the position. Accurate and effectively leads the offense yet lacks great arm strength for the next level.
5th Damion Square DE 92 5Sr Workmanlike defensive lineman with a well-rounded game.
5-6 C.J. Mosley OLB 32 3Jr Explosive weak side linebacker fast moving in every direction.
6th Eddie Lacy RB 42 4Jr Strong, straight line runner that will get a chance to carry the load this year.
6th Nico Johnson OLB 35 4Sr Agile, athletic linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline.
FA Quinton Dial DE 90 4Sr


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
1-2 Tyler Wilson QB 8 4Sr Strong armed passer that can make all the throws. Relatively accurate and powers the ball through the tight spots. Must develop his game and improve his defensive reads.
2-3 Tenarius Wright OLB 43 4Jr Quick, explosive college defensive end with outstanding movement skills. Expected to line up at outside linebacker this season.
3rd Byran Jones DT 54 3Jr Explosive interior lineman that occupies blockers and shows terrific power in his game. More of a straight-line defender.
3rd Chris Gragg TE 80 5Sr Athletic pass catching tight end that makes plays down the field.
3rd Knile Davis RB N 4Sr Fast, explosive ball carrier with good size. Quick to top speed, yet more of a straight-line runner who missed the ’11 season with an ankle injury.
4th Alvin Bailey G 67 4Jr Explosive, strong blocker with good size as well as a large upside.
4th Cobi Hamilton WR 11 4Sr Mostly dependable receiver coming off a disappointing campaign. Offers possibilities as a third or fourth wide out at the next level yet must elevate his game.
4-5 Dennis Johnson RB 33 5Sr Strong, well sized ball carrier with a burst. Solid receiver out of the backfield that also helps out as a return specialist.
5-6 Travis Swanson C 64 4Jr Large, strong blocker on the pivot that stands out in pass protection. Fundamentally sound. Has a nice upside.
6th Robert Thomas DT 98 3Jr Relatively athletic interior lineman that flashes skills and has an upside.
6-7 Jason Peacock T 71 4Sr College tackle that has enough skill to play guard in the NFL.
7th Eric Bennett S 14 3Jr Dependable safety with a well-rounded game.
FA Ronnie Wingo RB 20 4Sr Strong, downhill runner that carries the pile.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
5-6 Chade Slade G 62 3So Developing offensive lineman with good size and athleticism.
6th Corey Lemonier DE 55 3Jr Undersized pass rusher with good athleticism and speed. Will likely make the move to outside linebacker in the NFL.
6-7 John Sullen G 71 4Sr Strong, tough small area blocker with good size.
7th Nosa Eguae DE 94 4Jr Athletic defensive end with potential at a variety of positions upfront.
7-FA Onterio McCalebb RB 23 4Sr Small, creative ball carrier that also stands out as a pass catcher. Potential rotational back at the next level.
FA Jeffrey Whitaker DT 54 3Jr Quick, explosive interior lineman best in a straight line.
FA T’Sharvan Bell CB 22 5Sr Solid cover corner with good ball skills.
FA Emory Blake WR 80 4Sr
FA Philip Lutzenkirchen TE 43 4Sr Serviceable third tight end at the next level that does not stand out in any area.
FA Chris Davis CB 11 3Jr Tough, aggressive cornerback best facing the action.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
2-3 Chaz Green T 75 3So Terrific young tackle prospect that stands out as a run blocker and in pass protection. Needs to improve his playing balance yet has a great upside.
4-5 Shariff Floyd DT 73 3Jr Explosive lineman that hustles around the field and plays through pain.
6th Jonathan Bostic ILB 1 4Sr Swift, explosive linebacker that goes sideline to sideline. Undersized and best suited for a one gap system.
6th Jonotthan Harrison C 72 4Jr Strong, fundamentally sound blocker in the middle of the line that controls opponents.
6-7 Jelani Jenkins OLB 43 4Jr Quick, explosive linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline. Shows questionable instincts at times yet has an upside.
FA Jon Halapio G 67 4Jr Nasty, explosive lineman always looking to finish plays. Offers potential in a variety of blocking schemes.
FA Lerentee McCray OLB 34 5Sr Athletic linebacker effective in space. Does a good job in coverage. Potential backup/special teams player for the next level.
FA Xavier Nixon T 73 4Sr Fundamentally sound tackle that shows a good degree of athleticism his game. Must get stronger, improve his playing balance as well as the details of his position.
FA Jordan Reed TE 11 4Jr Relatively athletic tight end prospect with an undeveloped game.
FA Jeremy Brown CB 8 5Sr Solid cornerback prospect with and upside. Looked good in 2010 yet missed last season with injury.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
1st Jarvis Jones OLB 29 4Jr Ultra talented linebacker developing a complete game. Fierce pass rusher out of a three-point stance or standing up over tackle and also a linebacker that shows skill in coverage as well as in pursuit.
2nd Abry Jones DE 93 4Sr Underrated defensive lineman with potential in a variety of systems. Explosive, athletic and a three down defender.
2-3 Sanders Commings CB 19 4Sr Skilled cornerback with the ability to shutdown opponents and play in a variety of systems.
2-3 Alexander Ogletree ILB 9 3Jr Dynamic three down defender with a complete game.
4th Johnathan Jenkins DT 6 4Sr Large, wide bodied lineman that must start to do more than just take up room in the middle of the line. Has an upside and a JC transfer with limited big time college experience.  Will make a move up boards with a big campaign in ’12.
4-5 Shawn Williams S 36 4Sr Solid safety effective against the run or covering the pass. Best between the numbers in a zone system.
5th Tavarres King WR 12 5Sr Reliable pass catching target with average speed.
5th Cornelius Washington DE 83 5Sr Explosive pass rusher that can be used in a three-point stance or stood up over tackle. Never progressed as we thought possible after a terrific freshman campaign.
5th Garrison Smith DE 56 3Jr Developing defensive end that’s a nice combination of athleticism and quickness.
5th Bacarri Rambo S 18 5Sr Imposing looking safety that flashes skill yet for the most part is overrated by many.
6th Aaron Murray QB 11 4Jr Tough, intelligent quarterback with a great feel for the position. Limited physical skills for the next level.
7-FA Kwame Geathers DT 99 4Jr Big bodied athlete that must start to play to his level of ability.
FA Branden Smith CB 1 4Sr Solid cornerback that flashes skill. Will have a chance to be an every down player this fall.
FA Mike Gilliard OLB 35 4Sr Small yet explosive one gap linebacker prospect who makes plays sideline to sideline.
FA Chris Burnette G 68 4Jr Developing wide bodied guard that moves very well on his feet.
FA Marlon Brown WR 15 4Sr Physically gifted receiver with a great upside yet a prospect that’s never met expectations.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
5th Larry Warford G 67 4Sr Strong, stout offensive guard with a good upside.
7th Cartier Rice CB 35 5Sr Talented cornerback that can play in press or zone coverage.
FA LaRod King WR 16 4Sr Nice sized wide out with limited quickness and speed.
FA Morgan Newton QB 12 4Jr Strong armed passer that needs a lot of work on his game.
FA Collins Ukwu DE 96 5Sr Relatively athletic defensive end coming off an injury riddled season. Has size and strength limitations.
FA Matt Smith C 69 5Sr Reliable college center with limited upside.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
1st Barkevious Mingo OLB 49 4Jr Potentially dominant defensive prospect with a tremendous upside. Can be used in a variety of positions upfront and in a number of several defensive schemes. Has all the makings to grow into a franchise defensive player.
2nd Tyrann Mathieu CB 7 3Jr Athletic and explosive defensive back that’s also a game changing return specialist. Has size limitations and struggles making plays with his back to the ball. Good yet not elite in the secondary.
2nd Sam Montgomery OLB 99 4Jr Fast, explosive defensive end that can also stand up over tackle. Terrific pass rusher that also shows skill pursuing the action from the back side.
2-3 Eric Reid S N 3Jr Hard hitting, run defending safety very effective between the numbers.
3rd Chris Faulk T 76 4Jr Big, strong left tackle prospect who may be best on the right side.
4th Russell Shepard WR 10 4Sr Dependable pass catcher that has shown homerun hitting speed in the past. Comes off an injury plagued Junior season and made the best choice returning to school.
5th Bennie Logan DT 93 4Jr Explosive one gap defensive tackle that plays with a nonstop motor. Shows a little Glen Dorsey in his game.
5th Alex Hurst T 72 5Sr Smart, fundamentally sound left tackle that may be best inside at guard. Slightly overrated to this point.
5th Tharold Simon CB 24 3Jr Talented cornerback that flashes skill. Struggles making plays with his back to the ball and may be best backed off the line of scrimmage.
5th Kevin Minter ILB 46 4Jr Tough run defending linebacker that also shows skill pursuing sideline to sideline.
5-6 Spencer Ware RB 11 3Jr Tough between the tackles runner that is rarely brought down by the first defender. Solid cutting skills for a larger back.
6th Josh Williford G 74 4Jr Strong, slug it out lineman best in a small area.
7th Lavar Edwards DE 89 5Sr Relatively athletic defensive end that also show skill standing up and playing in space. Coming off a slightly disappointing season and struggles to see extended playing time on the talented LSU defensive line.
FA Josh Downs DT 77 4Sr Explosive one gap/three technique tackle with size limitations.
FA P.J. Lonergan C 64 5Sr Serviceable center with limited upside.

Note: While many have written about or given high grades to LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger, I could not, in good faith, give a grade to a signal caller that attempted 11 passes last season.  Hence he was purposely left off the board.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
FA Charles Sawyer CB 3 4Jr Versatile defensive back that can be used in dime coverage or on special teams.
FA Gerald Rivers DE 90 5Sr Relatively athletic college defensive end that also shows skill when used in space.
FA Matt Hall G 75 5Sr Massive college offensive guard that also offers potential at tackle. Strong, overwhelming at the point of attack yet a limited athlete only effective in a very small area. Left the ‘Ole Miss program in the spring.
FA Wesley Pendleton CB 6 4Sr Physical, well sized cornerback with a solid game.

Mississippi State

Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
2-3 Johnthan Banks CB 13 4Sr Potential number two cornerback with nice size. Lacks great quickness and speed but possesses solid ball skills.
5th Josh Boyd DT 97 4Sr Quick interior lineman that struggles getting off blocks. Potential rotational lineman at the next level.
5th Gabe Jackson G 61 4Jr Large, mauling lineman that also displays ability in motion.
6th Dillon Day C 63 3So Explosive, fundamentally sound center with a nice upside.
6th Cameron Lawrence OLB 10 4Sr Quick, fast linebacker that lacks classic size yet is tough against the run and shows skill in pursuit.
6-7 Corey Broomfield CB 25 5Sr Instinctive cornerback best facing the action.
FA Darius Slay CB 47 4Sr Undersized yet quick defensive back with possibilities in dime coverage.

South Carolina

Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
1st Marcus Lattimore RB N 3Jr Strong yet creative ball carrier with outstanding vision and instincts. Top running back prospect prior to his injury of last season.
2-3 D.J. Swearinger S 36 4Sr Underrated safety with a complete game. Tough run defender that also displays outstanding ball skills. Size and speed may be questioned.
3rd Devin Taylor DE 98 5Sr One time highly rated defensive prospect coming off a disappointing season. Displays a variety of skill as a pass rusher, run defender as well as the ability to play in space. Could make a big move up draft boards if he gets his game back on track.
5th DeVonte Holloman S 21 4Sr Well sized safety that intimidates opponents over the middle the field. Best playing downhill and between the numbers.
FA Akeem Auguste CB 3 5Sr Speedy defensive back that could be used in dime packages at the next level.
FA Shaq Wilson ILB 54 4Sr
FA Justice Cunningham TE 87 4Sr Adequate prospect with possibilities as a third tight end in the NFL.
FA T.J. Johnson C 55 5Sr Hard-working yet stiff blocker in the middle of the field with limited upside.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
2nd Tyler Bray QB 8 3Jr Physically gifted quarterback that showed a lot of development in his game last season. Offers the possibility to grow into a franchise signal caller for the next level.
2-3 Da’Rick Rogers WR 21 3Jr Tall, fluid game controlling receiver with a good degree of upside. Must complete his game and play to a high-level on every snap but offers potential as a number one receiver at the next level.
3rd Dallas Thomas T 71 5Sr Terrific tackle prospect with solid footwork, agility and lateral range.
4th Justin Hunter WR 11 3Jr Big play receiver who season was halted by injury three games into the 2011 campaign.
4th Alex Bullard C 78 4Jr Notre Dame game transfer that shows the ability to control the middle of the field.
6th Jawuan James T 70 3Jr Strong, developing right tackle prospect.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
FA Archibald Barnes OLB 15 5Sr Underrated senior linebacker that shows good movement skills, athleticism and the ability to make plays sideline to sideline.
FA Walker May DE 90 4Jr Relatively athletic college defensive end that can be used at outside linebacker or as a one gap end in the NFL.
FA Jordan Rodgers QB 11 5Sr Efficient, intelligent quarterback that lacks the physical skills for the next level.
FA Zac Stacy RB 2 4Sr Tough, interior ball carrier best running downhill between the tackles.

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