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As is the case almost every April, the quarterback position will be driven by underclassmen at the top of the position board.  Andrew Luck aside, there’s a nice lot of prospects that could develop into starters at the next level.  And though several of the seniors have disappointed, they do come with a nice amount of upside potential should they get their game back on track.


Rnd Full Name School Yr Comments
1stAndrew LuckStanford4JrTerrific signal caller that can be a difference maker at the next level. Big, durable and has the ability to withstand the rush or get outside the pocket and throw on the move. Accurate and precisely places throws were only his receiver can make the reception. Tremendous leader on the field always in control of the situation. Lacks a howitzer arm but offers incredible intangibles.
1stMatt BarkleyUSC3JrAccurate quarterback prospect that has the ability to make most of the passes. Lacks classic pocket passer size but has enough ability to start the next level.
1stRobert GriffinBaylor4JrAthletic quarterback with a developing game. Has the arm strength necessary to make all the passes, accurate on his throws and also dangerous carrying the ball. Has shown consistent improvement since his freshman season.
1stLandry JonesOklahoma4JrTough, intelligent signal caller that does a great job commanding and controlling the offense. Always on the same page as his receivers, displays great timing and competitive. Lacks great physical skills and a pocket passer that does not possess classic size or arm strength.
2ndRyan TannehillTexas A&M5SrDurable intelligent signal caller with a great feel for the position. Sees the field, finds open wide outs and makes proper decisions. Lacks the big-time arm which will limit him at the next level.
2-3Brandon WeedenOklahoma State5SrSmart, controlled passer that lacks the great physical skills and arm strength for the next level.
3rdBrock OsweilerArizona State3Jr
3rdNick FolesArizona5SrStrong armed quarterback the can make all the passes. Needs to improve his reads and stop staring down receivers. Has potential but needs a big senior campaign.
3-4Kellen MooreBoise State5SrTerrific college quarterback with a great feel for the position and handles under center. Lacks great size, classic arm strength and a radical his downfield accuracy.
3-4Sean RenfreeDuke4JrTall, strong armed pocket passer who plays a smart game. Comes with an upside must be monitored.
4thKirk CousinsMichigan State5SrPhysically gifted passer that can make all the throws and does a great job commanding the offense. Needs to improve his reads but has a lot of next level potential.
4-5Russell WilsonWisconsin5SrAthletic passer that also has a future in professional baseball. Athletic, easily gets outside the pocket or picks up yardage with his legs. Effortlessly gets the ball downfield. Makes good choices under the rush but must improve his overall game. Transferred from North Carolina State and will play at Wisconsin this season.
4-5Chandler HarnishNorthern Illinois5SrUnderrated quarterback that makes terrific decisions in the pocket and effectively leads the offense. Lacks classic size but has an arm. The pass/run option offense of NIU has hurt his development.
5thBrad SorensenSouthern Utah3JrBYU transfer with all the physical skills to play at the next level. Accurate and makes plays. Does throw to many interceptions.
5thRyan LindleySan Diego State5SrUnderrated signal caller with a lot of skills for the next level. Possesses a solid intermediate arm, an adequate deep arm and accurate with all his throws. Makes good decisions in the pocket. Should only get better as he physically matures.
5thJ.J. McDermottSMU5Sr
5-6Chester StewartTemple5SrOwl back-up that showed flashes of skill previously as the starter. Has the physical skills to play in the NFL but must improve his reads and decision making.
5-6Bryon ColemanTenn-Chattanooga5SrTennessee transfer that shows terrific awareness, pocket presence as well as accuracy throwing the ball. Lacks great physical skills but has an outstanding feel for the position.
6thRyan NassibSyracuse4JrAccurate college passer with a live arm. Outstanding ability throwing in motion and loses nothing getting outside the tackle box to make the pass in the move. Nice upside but needs to pull it together.
6thGeno SmithWest Virginia3JrDeveloping quarterback with top physical skills. Must improve his timing and decision-making but offers a nice upside.
6-7Jordan JeffersonLSU4SrBig armed quarterback that’s also a threat carrying the ball. Powers the ball through the tight spots and easily drives passes downfield. Must significantly improved his reads and overall pass placement.
6-7B.J. DanielsSouth Florida4Jrathletic quarterback with a big arm yet an undisciplined passer that must develop into an NFL signal caller.
7thCase KeenumHouston6SrHighly rated percentage passer that returns for his sixth year of college eligibility. Good prospect that must show no bumps on the road after missing the 2010 season.
FAJohn BrantleyFlorida5SrClassic pocket passer with adequate arm strength yet marginal accuracy and decision-making.
FATrevor SasekDelaware3SoSolid young passer with a big arm and solid quarterback build. Has an upside and must be watched. Suffered a potentially career damaging knee injury this season.
FAAustin DavisSouthern Mississippi5SrSolid college passer with a live arm. Offers potential as a second quarterback in the NFL.
FASpencer KeithKent State3JrSmart, accurate passer with an NFL arm. Terrific college signal caller with a good degree of upside.
FACody EndresSlippery Rock5SrStrong armed quarterback that can make all the passes. Displays a nice sense of timing. Dismissed from the Connecticut program last season.
FAKyle PadronSMU3JrAccurate, quarterback with a big-time arm. Needs to fine-tune the details of his position yet could be a big-time prospect moving forward.
FADominique DavisEast Carolina5SrAthletic passer with the ability to make all the throws. Puts zip on the outs and can get the ball through the tight spots yet needs to improve the details of his game and show better pass placement.
FAZach CollarosCincinnati5SrEffective underneath signal caller with a great head for the position. Lacks size and top NFL physical skills.
FATino SunseriPittsburgh4Jr
FAZac DysertMiami-Oh4JrStrong armed passer on the sidelines with injury much of last season. Has the physical skills to be a prospect.
FAAlex CarderWestern Michigan4JrTerrific game manager at the quarterback position. Possesses great wherewithal, a sense of timing and very accurate. Does not own a major league arm.
FAMike BrownLiberty5SrAthletic quarterback with a big-time arm. Mobile and displays the ability to make the pass on the move or pick up yardage with his legs. Potential wildcat signal caller.
FABo Levi MitchellEastern Washington4SrAccurate timing and touch passer with a live arm. Shows great wherewithal and does a terrific job leading the offense.
FAJacory HarrisMiami-Fl4SrTerrific athlete with a big arm yet a poor passer that lacks accuracy, incorrectly reads defenses and consistently forces the ball into covered receivers.
FADayne CristNotre Dame4JrBig arm passer that offers a lot of upside yet must pull together a complete game.
FAStephen GarciaSouth Carolina5SrTough, savvy passer that does a terrific job controlling the offense. Lacks elite physical skills and has a host of off the field issues.
FAChris RelfMississippi State5SrAthletic college quarterback expected to find a new position in the NFL.
FAKelly PageBall State4JrOne time highly rated passer coming off a disappointing season.
FAKyle ParkerClemson4JrBaseball prospect that comes with a big-league arm yet minor-league accuracy.
FADan PersaNorthwestern4Srfearless college quarterback that is effective running the ball and throwing it. Lacks the measurable’s for the next level yet will get consideration in wildcat formations.
FATyler HansenColorado5SrSolid college quarterback with adequate size but poor passing fundamentals. Marginal next level potential.
FAPatrick WittYale5SrEffective timing passer with great pocket awareness yet marginal next level size. Potential backup as a timing passer. Began his college career and Nebraska.
FADavid LeGreeHampton5SrLarge athletic prospect with a big-time arm. Unpolished throwing the ball and at times much more productive as a ball carrier.
FAMike PaulusWilliam & Mary5SrNorth Carolina transfer that possesses all the physical skills necessary to play the next level. Accurate, poised and has a solid game yet must polish his mechanics to become a complete quarterback. In the midst of a terrible season.
FANathan DickCentral Arkansas5Sr
FARyan RadcliffCentral Michigan4JrSmart, high percentage passer that lacks the great downfield arm.
FAMatt BrownIllinois State4JrTiming/touch passer with marginal arm strength.
FADane SimoneauWashburn5SrNice sized college passer that also has a potential career in baseball.
FABrian ReaderIdaho5Sr
FAAaron CorpRichmond5SrMobile and nimble quarterback best in a short passing game. Started his career at USC.

Defensive back is by far the strongest unit of prospects from the small-school level.  Former Gator Janoris Jenkins notwithstanding, cornerback has two more potential top 100 draft picks with another four selections through the late rounds.

Defensive Backs

Rnd Full Name School Pos Yr Comments
1-2Janoris JenkinsNorth AlabamaCB4SrTerrific cover corner that has shown flashes of brilliance. Off the field issues forced him from Florida and shoulder issues could red-flag him.
2ndTrumaine JohnsonMontanaCB4SrGifted small school cornerback with outstanding size/speed numbers. Offers a lot of upside and likely the initial non-IA player selected next April.
4thRyan SteedFurmanCB4SrFluid, natural cornerback with terrific ball skills. Highly thought of in scouting circles. Best backed off the line of scrimmage.
5thChristian ThompsonSouth Carolina StS4SrAggressive, instinctive safety with a terrific head for the ball. Does not show great athleticism on the field yet constantly puts himself in a position to make plays.
5-6Josh NormanCoastal CarolinaCB4SrSmart and fundamentally sound cornerback with good ball skills. Terrific job reading and diagnosing the action. Deep speed may be an issue.
7thAsa JacksonCal PolyCB4SrSkilled cornerback that can also be used as a return specialist.
7-FAJustin Haulcy-BatemanCal LutheranCB5SrFormer quarterback that moved to corner as a junior. Limited football experience and just scratching the surface of his skills.
FAVidal NelsonJames MadisonS5SrBig, quick safety with good speed. Best playing downhill and struggles in coverage.
FAJerron McMillianMaineS5SrDevastating hitter that displays terrific explosion and suddenness in his game. Marginal ball skills and late arriving on the scene in coverage. Possible zone safety.
FAYari KingSouth Carolina StateCB4Jr
FAMarcus LottCoastal CarolinaS4SrTough, aggressive safety that shows skill in the box or up the field.
FATrevor CostonMaineS5SrAdequate athlete that displays solid sideline to sideline range yet lacks classic safety size and ball skills.
FATorian PhillipsWagnerCB3JrUndersized yet feisty cornerback that shows solid ball skills.
FAMatt JohnsonEastern WashingtonS5SrStraight line, downhill safety with a good head for the game.
FADominique McDuffieAppalachian StateS4Sr
FADeshawn SheadPortland StateS5SrAthletic safety with terrific size/speed numbers. Looks the part but does not make a lot of plays on the ball.
FAMicah PellerinHamptonCB5Sr
FAAntonio DennardLangstonCB4SrSmall school corner with solid ball skills but average size/speed.
FADaniel EavesNorth Dakota StateS5SrHeady safety with adequate ball skills.
FATremayne GrahamRichmondCB5SrAdequate college cornerback that flashes skill in man coverage yet lacks the speed and quickness necessary for the next level.
FADevonte ReynoldsNorfolk StateS4Sr
FAEdward GaineyAppalachian StateCB4Sr
FALaron ScottGeorgia SouthernCB5SrTough aggressive cornerback that displays adequate ball skills.
FAJustin BethelPresbyterianCB4Sr
FAJeremy JonesWayne StateCB5SrDynamic small school safety with poor size/speed numbers for the next level.
FADonovan RichardSouth Carolina StateS5SrPhysical college defender used at linebacker. Smart, tough and may have possibilities as a traditional strong safety.
FADominic BellGramblingCB4SrPotential zone cornerback at the next level.
FARick VolcinNorfolk StateS4Sr
FAJose GumbsMonmouthS5Sr
FAAndre LylesFayetteville StateS4Sr
FAReshaude MillerMorgan StateS4Sr
FAIan WildMercyhurstS4Sr
FABryan BlanfortSoutheast Missouri StateS5Sr
FAJeremy CaldwellEastern KentuckyCB5Sr
FAMike AllenJames MadisonCB5Sr
FACorey WhiteSamfordS4Sr
FAA.J. DavisJacksonville StateCB5Sr
FAAnthony JohnsonJackson StateCB6SrOne time highly rated prospect that hoped to return from injury yet was denied a sixth year of eligibility by the NCAA.

Not much in the way of next level prospects at linebacker coming from the small school level.  Most of these players are defensive ends that project to linebacker and prospects that must make their mark on special teams to find a spot on an NFL roster.


Round Full Name School Pos Yr Comments
FAAston WhitesideAbilene ChristianOLB5SrCollege defensive end that projects to outside linebacker in the NFL.
FAJohn JonesTennessee StOLB5SrFormer Florida gator well thought of in scouting circles.
FAKadarron AndersonFurmanILB4SrSwift, agile linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline. Potential week side player at the next level.
FAAmeet PallWoffordOLB4SrUndersized college defensive end that projects to linebacker in the NFL. Quick off the edge, can pursue the action from the back side and gives a lot of effort.
FABrandon MorrisAlcorn StateOLB4SrSolid, pass rushing college defensive end that projects to a 34 outside linebacker.
FAMonte LewisJacksonville StateOLB5SrVersatile defender that lines up in a three-point stance or stands up over tackle. Breaks down well, fluid movement skills and shows a lot of range. Poor size/speed numbers.
FAA.J. StormsIdaho StateOLB4SrHard working linebacker with limited upside.
FARyan LewisBethune CookmanOLB4SrPotential weak side linebacker that must play more physical on the field.
FANigel CarrAlabama StateOLB4SrFormer Florida State prospect that was dismissed from the program. No longer on ASU roster.
FAErik RaskPennOLB4Sr
FAZack NashSacramento StateOLB5SrHigh revving college defensive end that projects to outside linebacker in the NFL. Fluid, moves well yet lacks bulk and elite speed.
FANick WebbWeber StateOLB4SrHard working linebacker with good instincts yet limited speed.
FAJake TrantinWilliam & MaryILB5SrActive linebacker that sat on the sidelines with personal issues last year.
FAMarty PattersonGardner WebbOLB5Sr
FAJoshua JonesElonILB5Sr

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