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Boise State moves to the Mountain West Conference, which should make the league a lot more exciting.  Both the Broncos and BYU offer several line prospects to keep an eye on.

Boise State

Rod Full Name Pos Yr #Comments
2-3Bill WinnDT5Sr90College defensive tackle that projects to end at the next level. Fires off the snap with a nice first step, uses his hands throughout the action and gets a lot of momentum going up the field. Easily changes direction and can pursue from the back side. Lacks bulk and controlled by blocks yet seemingly has potential to grow into a two gap end. Comes with an upside.
3rdDoug MartinRB5Sr22Versatile three down back that runs hard on the inside, displays the agility and speed to turn the corner and is a terrific receiver out of the backfield. More of a situational runner for the next level.
3-4Nate PotterT4Sr73Solid college lineman with skills that translate well to the next level. Bends his knees, works his hands and a terrific pass protector. Flashes skills blocking in motion. Not a great athlete but polished in his game.
4-5George IlokaS4Sr8Relatively athletic safety that shows a terrific burst to the action and a lot of quickness in his game. Marginal ball skills and must improve his play in coverage.
5thTyrone CrawfordDE4Sr40Junior college transfer that made a big impact last season. Intense, chases hard and makes plays. Terrific size/speed numbers.
7thChase BakerDT4Sr97Hard working defensive tackle that chases the action around the field. Stout at the point of attack and tough to move off the line. Lacks natural bulk as well as growth potential. Not effective in pursuit.
FAShea McClellinDE4Sr92Fierce defender that lines up in a three-point stance or occasionally stood up over tackle. Quick off the snap, displays ability in pursuit and makes plays in every direction of the field. Lacks top size, strength and really doesn’t cover a lot of area on the field.
FAKellen MooreQB5Sr11Terrific college quarterback with a great feel for the position. Lacks great size, classic arm strength and erratic downfield accuracy.
FADan PaulFB4Sr47Tough straight-line blocker that takes defenders from the action. Limited skills around the corner, on the second level and as an offensive threat.
FATyler ShoemakerWR5Sr89


2ndMatt ReynoldsT5Sr70Productive college blocker that is effective in pass protection besides opening holes for the running game. Fundamentally sound, keeps his feet moving and shows solid lateral blocking range in pass protection. Does a nice job sealing defenders from the action as a run blocker. Injured throughout his junior season yet still played well in 2010. Could make a big move up draft boards.
5thJameson FrazierOLB4Sr48Tough, strong, 34 outside linebacker very effective at the line of scrimmage or in the box.
5thBraden HansenG3Jr76Terrific underclassmen that shows dominant strength at the point of attack and the ability to easily control opponents.
6thBraden BrownT4Jr75Solid pass protecting lineman that shows good lateral range and has nice size.
FAMatt PutnamDE5Sr41Relatively athletic lineman that makes a lot of plays on the ball when he’s on his game. Academically ineligible for 2011.

Colorado State

FAJake GdowskiG5Sr58Tough slug-it-out lineman best in a small area.
FAMike KawulokILB4Sr52Smart heady run defending linebacker with minimal skills in coverage.
FAPaul MadsenT5Sr76Quick pass protecting tackle that must improve his strength and do a better job finishing blocks.

Despite NCAA sanctions the Trojans keep rolling along and presently possess three underclassmen that grade as first round picks.  Utah enters their inaugural season in the conference with some rebuilding to do while Washington offers one of the more underrated prospects you’ll find on the defensive line.  Washington State?  They’re just tough to watch.


Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
1stMatt KalilT754JrDominant left tackle prospect with terrific size as well as upside. Blocks with solid fundamentals, makes great use of body positioning as well as blocking angles. Shows THE ability to take out linebackers on the second level. Lacks classic footwork and rumbles around the field Yet understands the position and gets the job done. Early pick in the near future as we hear he will enter the 2012 draft.
1stMatt BarkleyQB73JrAccurate quarterback prospect that has the ability to make most of the passes. Lacks classic pocket passer size but has enough ability to start the next level.
1-2T.J. McDonaldS273JrExplosive safety that quickly comes up the field and aggressively defends the run while also showing outstanding ball skills in coverage. Effective over the slot receiver and fast out to the sidelines making plays on the ball.
3rdDaJohn HarrisDT985SrStrong, tough defensive tackle that’s almost impossible to move off the point. Underrated.
4thWes HortonDE964JrAthletic college pass rusher that shows skill up the field.
4thChris GalippoILB545SrSmart, instinctive linebacker that does a great job reading and diagnosing the action and properly positioning himself. Lacks great speed in pursuit and struggles making plays out to the flanks.
5thNick PerryDE84JrUndersized college defensive end that shows good pass rush skills and speed up the field. Has the movement skills and ability to get looks as a 34 outside linebacker.
5thMarc TylerRB265SrCreative, elusive ball carrier that displays the ability to find the cutback lanes and quickly get through them. Makes defenders miss and can avoid piles yet lacks strength in his running and often brought down by the first defender at the initial point of contact.
6-7Devon KennardOLB423JrAthletic prospect that’s been used at middle linebacker but moves to defensive end this season. Fast and smooth moving about the field but has questionable instincts.
7thRhett EllisonTE405SrHard-working tight end with no single outstanding aspect to his game.
FAKhaled HolmesG784Jr
FAArmond ArmsteadDT944SrRelatively athletic defensive end that displays the ability to make plays in every direction of the field. Flashes skill but needs a lot more consistency to his game.
FAMarshall JonesS275Sr
FAChristian TupouDT445SrStrong interior defensive tackle coming off a knee injury which kept him on the sidelines in 2010.


Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
4thJohn CullenT754SrTerrific left tackle that did a great job last season after transferring from junior college. Quick in all aspects of the game, moves well on his feet and plays with a good degree of athleticism.
6thKendrick MoeaiTE814JrAthletic pass catching tight end that consistently gets down the seam into the secondary.
6thTony BergstromT704SrWell sized tackle prospect that is an effective position blocker. Must improve his overall strength. Comes with and upside.
FADerrick ShelbyDE905SrSemi-athletic defensive end that also stands up over tackle on occasion. Fluid moving about the field, makes plays in every direction and effectively uses his hands to get off blocks. Not stout at the point and does not play with a sense of urgency.
FADave KrugerDT444Jr
FALuke MatthewsWR114Jr


Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
2-3Alameda Ta’amuDT744SrPowerful, interior nose tackle/defensive tackle prospect coming off a disappointing season. Holds the point on the inside and a plugger that occupies blockers. Must learn to use his hands better.
5-6Chris PolkRB14JrStrong and explosive interior runner that shows a burst.
6thSenio KelemeteG564SrCollege tackle that projects to guard. Strong and moves his feet well.
6thJermaine KearseWR154SrSolid possession wide out with reliable hands. Potential fourth receiver at the next level.
7thQuinton RichardsonCB285SrNice sized corner best facing the action in a zone system.
FADesmond TrufantCB63Jr
FADevin AguilarWR94Sr

Washington State

Round Full Name Pos #Yr Comments
FAJared KarstetterWR844Sr
FAAlex Hoffman-EllisOLB175Sr

Two programs headed in different directions as Stanford will once again compete for a BCS game while UCLA seemingly continues to spin its wheels.  The Bruins will offer another solid safety in 2012 while Stanford possesses the first pick of the draft.


Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
4thTony DyeS64SrSolid safety effective against the run while also showing skill in coverage when facing the action. Patient, hard hitting and shows good head for the ball. Relatively instinctive. Struggles making plays with his back to the ball.
5-6Johnathan FranklinRB234JrQuick, elusive ball carrier that finds the cutback lanes, quickly gets through them and shows the ability to beat defenders into the open field.
6thCory HarkeyTE874SrAthletic tight end still rough around the edges. Blocks with solid fundamentals and gives effort yet lacks strength at the point. Nicely adjusts to make the reception in stride yet lacks consistent hands. Has an upside but must pull it all together.
6thTaylor EmbreeWR824SrNice sized receiver that uses his large frame as an advantage. Solid pass catcher.
7thMichael HarrisT655SrBig, strong right tackle prospect best in a small area. Solid run blocker.
FANelson RosarioWR834SrBig strong possession receiver with limited speed.
FAAaron HesterCB214JrFeisty cornerback that shows a lot of skill and has an upside.
FASheldon PriceCB223JrTough corner that does not possess next level speed. Potential dime back in zone coverage.
FAJosh SmithWR15SrColorado transfer who showed game breaking skills as a receiver and return specialist early in his career yet never progressed as a junior.
FADerrick ColemanFB334SrUnderrated fullback/ball carrier with nice size and strength.
FASean ShellerT725SrCollege left tackle that struggles in anything other than a very small area. Limited upside.
FAJamie GrahamCB255SrVanderbilt transfer that flashed skill early in his career.
FANate ChandlerDT895SrHard-working lineman with the ability to play tackle or end. Limited athlete with marginal upside.


Rnd Full Name Pos#YrComments
1stAndrew LuckQB124JrTerrific signal caller that can be a difference maker at the next level. Big, durable and has the ability to withstand the rush or get outside the pocket and throw on the move. Accurate and precisely places throws were only his receiver can make the reception. Tremendous leader on the field always in control of the situation. Lacks a howitzer arm but offers incredible intangibles.
1-2Jonathan MartinT554JrHighly thought of offensive tackle we feel is slightly overrated. Possesses good physical skills; strong, moves well on his feet and slides out in pass protection. Does not make good use of body positioning and seemingly does not understand blocking angles. Has a lot of upside yet needs a lot of work on his game.
2-3Chris OwusuWR814SrTerrific possession receiver that runs solid routes, shows reliable hands and is dependable. Not a downfield threat.
3rdDavid DeCastroG524JrTough, strong run blocking guard that dominates the opposition. Gets movement run blocking, easily turns defenders off the ball and opens up the running lanes. Marginally effective in space or in motion.
6thCoby FleenerTE825SrSolid pass catching tight end that struggles as a blocker. Not a true downfield threat. Loved in the scouting community but we think he’s overrated.
6thMatthew MasifiloDE985SrTough, underrated lineman that can be used in a variety of spots upfront. Plays with good pad level, strong at the point and fights hard until the whistle blows. Lacks the great upside yet could be a solid rotational player.
6thDelano HowellS264SrSmart, tough defensive back that’s lined up at safety and cornerback. Very effective facing the action and would be an asset in zone coverage.
7thChase ThomasOLB444Jr
FAMichael ThomasS34SrUnderrated safety that’s not getting the attention he’s due. Smart, quickly locates the ball and constantly around the action. Lacks measurables which will push him down draft boards yet a prospect that should be considered as a dime back/special teams player.
FAJohnson BademosiS274SrHard-working college cornerback that projects to safety at the next level. Relatively effective facing the action but stiff and does not possess a large upside.

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