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The Terps are under new management as Randy Edsall, one of the nations best coaches, takes over the program.  Edsall has a reputation for developing players and getting the most from his talent.  The NFL will be glad to hear this as Maryland has a lot of next level potential.  It is a similar situation in Coral Gables as Al Golden takes over a Hurricane program that is bursting with NFL prospects.


Round Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
3rdKenny TateS64SrForceful safety most effective making plays between the numbers or downhill. Moved to outside linebacker this season, the position which most NFL teams presently grades him at.
3-4Demetrius HartsfieldOLB94JrAthletic and forceful linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline, gets depth on pass drops and shows a lot of skill on the field. Has an upside yet must really polish his game.
4thDavin MeggettRB84SrElusive, creative ball carrier with a burst. Has a compact style and runs low to the ground.
FAJustin LewisG784JrQuick, explosive blocker that showed a lot of skill last season. Dismissed from the program in early July.
FATrenton HughesCB215SrAdequate zone cover corner back best facing the action.
FADarin DrakefordOLB523JrUndersized yet quick linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline.
FACameron ChismCB224SrSomewhat athletic cornerback that gives effort against the run. Struggles making plays with his back to the ball and constantly blowing assignments.
FADerek DrummondDE445SrUndersized college pass rusher that flashed skill. Recently dismissed from the Maryland program.
FAAndrew GonnellaG775SrHard-working small area blocker with limited upside.
FALansford WatsonTE805SrAthletic tight end trying to rebound from a knee injury which kept him on the sidelines in 2010.


Round Full Name Pos #Yr Comments
3rdSean SpenceOLB314SrAthletic linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline, covers a lot of area on the field and gets depth on pass drops. Also gives effort against the run. Three down defender for the next level.
3rdAdewale OjomoDE975SrQuick, somewhat athletic defensive end with a nice length and underrated strength. Fires off the snap, plays with terrific pad level and rarely off his feet. Make plays behind the line of scrimmage or laterally.
4thMarcus ForstonDT994JrExplosive interior lineman that fires off the snap, beats blockers off the ball and makes a lot of plays behind the line of scrimmage. Fluid change of direction with the ability to make plays laterally in the box. Must get stronger but has upside.
4thLaron ByrdWR474SrNice sized receiver that physically defeats opponents to come away with the ball. More of a possession wide out that could fit in as a fourth man on the roster at the next level.
4thOlivier VernonDE353JrUndersized college pass rusher that shows great quickness off the snap, speed up the field and is constantly gets penetration behind the line of scrimmage. May get consideration at outside linebacker in a 34 alignment.
4-5Mike JamesRB53JrStrong, interior ball carrier that runs through tackles and also carries the pile. Shows a surprising burst to his game.
5thTravis BenjaminWR34SrNimble, flexible receiver that shows a deep burst and the ability to make receptions down the field. Must learn to do the little things well and round out his game yet comes with and upside.
5thVaughn TelemaqueS74Jr
6-7Ramon BuchananOLB454SrQuick, explosive pursuit linebacker that’s best running down the action from the back side. Undersized and really struggles handling blocks.
7thBrandon WashingtonG723JrTough, explosive small area blocker that must get a little stronger to complete his game.
7thMicanor RegisDT544SrExplosive yet undersized defensive tackle that constantly gets caught up in the wash or his handled at the point of attack by single blocker.
FAHarland GunnG665SrStrong, small area blocker that shows flashes.
FAJacory HarrisQB124SrTerrific athlete with a big arm yet a poor passer that lacks accuracy, incorrectly reads defenses and consistently forces the ball into covered receivers.
FAJoJo NicolasS295Sr
FAChase FordTE94SrHard-working tight end with a limited upside. Does not stand out in any single aspect.
FATyler HornC635SrSmall yet quick blocker on the pivot that shows ability in motion.
FABlake AylesTE864Sr
FAAldarius JohnsonWR44Sr

Its been a while since FSU made a major impact on the draft when one considers the number of prospects they placed in the early rounds during the late 90’s and through the middle part of the next decade.  Slowly they are returning to prior dominance and the future looks bright for the Seminoles on the field and in war rooms around the NFL.  The situation could not be anymore different for Georgia Tech, a team that played in a BCS game a few years ago then had two players selected in the first round of ’11.

Florida State

Round Full Name Pos #Yr Comments
1-2Greg ReidCB53JrOutstanding cover corner with terrific ball skills. Displays the ability to run with opponents anywhere on the field and has an explosive break to the pass out of his plant. Consistently getting a hand in to defend the throw. Also used to return kicks. Possesses enough size to start at the next level though he lacks classic cornerback height.
3rdAndrew DatkoT674SrKing sized offensive tackle that easily controls opponents at the point of attack once engaged in a block. Blocks with solid fundamentals, makes great use of blocking angles as well as body positioning to control opponents. Lines up as a weak side tackle but may be better off as a right tackle in the NFL. Loved by NFL scouts a we feel he’s a bit overrated at this point.
3-4Nigel BradhamOLB134SrPhysically talented defender that runs hot and cold. Shows outstanding speed, quickness and range to his game while also playing with a large degree of suddenness. Not overly physical and can be spotty.
4-5Brandon JenkinsDE493JrPrototypical Florida State defensive end; undersized, explosive and fast in every direction of the field. Solid pass rusher that can also chase the action in pursuit or drop off the line of scrimmage and play in space. Likely to move to outside linebacker at the next level.
4-5Bert ReedWR835SrQuick, dependable underneath receiver that shows reliable hands. Does a lot of things well and could make it as a fourth receiver at the next level.
5thTy JonesRB334SrWell-built ball carrier that runs low to the ground, displays terrific quickness and the ability to create his own yardage. Solid prospect with a nice upside.
5thAnthony McCloudDT924JrFiery defensive tackle that explodes off the snap then fires through the gaps between the offensive line. Tough to stop.
5-6Xavier RhodesCB274SrStrong, cornerback with nice size and potential as a bump and run cover man. Downfield speed may be a concern.
6thEverett DawkinsDT934JrQuick, explosive yet undersized defensive tackle that makes plays in every direction of the field. Potential three technique lineman for the next level.
6thTaiwan EasterlingWR85SrElusive receiver that shows ability running after the reception yet a prospect that’s runs hot and cold. Looked like a sensational prospect as a sophomore but never really elevated his game. Has an upside and could develop into a third/fourth receiver at the next level.
6-7Beau RelifordTE884SrAthletic tight end that shows flashes yet a prospect with an incomplete game. At this point more of a developmental player.
7thRodney SmithWR843JrKing sized pass catcher that physically beats down opponents and wins out for the jump ball. Raw in many of his techniques and really needs a lot of work on his overall game.
7thNick MoodyS104JrIntimidating safety with a large upside. Hard hitting, stops ball carriers dead in their tracks and shows the ability to get outside the numbers and make plays. Inconsistent and spotty with his production. Has the skill yet must take his game to the next level.
FAZebrie SandersT774SrStrong side blocker that plays with solid fundamentals and controls defenders once engaged the point of attack. Lacks overall balance, blocking range and does not possess the great upside.
FAJermaine ThomasRB384SrOne time highly rated prospect coming off an injury. Undersized yet tremendously elusive with the ability to create his own yardage and make defenders miss.
FAMike HarrisCB14SrBackup cornerback for Florida State that shows solid ball skills facing the action.
FADavid SpurlockG794SrTough, small area blocker with physical limitations. Lacks balance and on the ground too much.

Georgia Tech

Round Full Name Pos #Yr Comments
FASteven SylvesterOLB344SrSmallish chase and run down linebacker best in pursuit.
FAOmoregie UzziG774JrAthletic blocker that flashes skills in motion. Must improve his balance and fundamentals but has the tools to work with.
FAIzaan CrossDE943Jr
FARoddy JonesRB205Sr
FAJason PetersDE925Sr

We start the ACC off by looking at Boston College and Clemson; two teams that can’t seem to get over the hump in the conference yet always put quality talent into the draft.  That is likely to be the story line through April ’12.  Duke’s top prospect comes from the ranks of underclassmen.

Boston College

Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
2-3Kaleb RamseyDT964SrStrong, interior lineman that plays big. Displays good first step quickness, consistently commands double teams and tough to handle in the middle of the line.
3rdLuke KuechlyILB403Jrtackling machine with a tremendous head for the game. Instinctive, diagnoses the action as it unfolds and constantly around the ball. Lacks classic size and even elite speed for an undersized linebacker.
4-5Chris PantaleTE814JrDeveloping tight end that has shown flashes.
6-7Montel HarrisRB24SrSmallish yet creative ball carrier that could play at the next level as a situational runner/third-down back.
7thDonnie FletcherCB44SrSolid cover cornerback with an aggressive style. Maybe best suited to play in a zone system.
FAIfeanyi MomahWR35SrKing sized pass catching threat that makes a lot of athletic plays yet must improve his consistency and take his game to another level. Has an upside.
FANathan RichmanG755SrVersatile lineman that can be used at guard or center. Strong at the point, easily controls defenders once engaged in a block and a terrific run blocking lineman.
FAMark SpinneyC695SrVersatile lineman that can be a utility blocker for any of the three interior offensive line positions.
FAEmmett ClearyG774JrBackup offensive lineman who did not develop the way we thought possible in 2010 after a solid ’09 campaign.


Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
2ndBrandon ThompsonDT984SrQuick, explosive one gap tackle that fires through the gaps up the field and can make plays laterally. Will get consideration as a three technique lineman. Top 60 prospect as of now.
2-3Andre EllingtonRB234JrQuick elusive ball carrier that created yardage. Very similar in style and substance to C.J. Spiller.
3rdAndre BranchDE405SrPossibly the next big-time pass rusher to come from the Clemson program. Athletic, explosive and constantly in the backfield making plays. Will get consideration at outside linebacker in a 34 alignment.
4thDwayne AllenTE834JrAthletic pass catching tight end that also does an admirable job blocking. Must improve the details of his position yet someone that can be a top 100 prospect moving forward.
7thBrandon MayeOLB205SrQuick, explosive linebacker really best in the box. Transferred to Southern Miss for the ’11 campaign.
7thLandon WalkerT725SrPowerful right tackle prospect with nice size. Best as a run blocker and struggles protecting the edge in pass protection.
FAAntoine McClainG744SrStrong, small area blocker that can dominate the opposition on running downs.
FADavid SmithG735SrNimble lineman that shows ability blocking in motion. Must improve his playing strength and learn to block with his legs.
FARashard HallS314JrSkilled defensive back that flashes ability yet must put it all together and produce on a consistent basis.
FARennie MooreDE945SrSolid defensive line prospect that can be used at a variety of positions up front.
FAKyle ParkerQB114JrBaseball prospect that comes with a big-league arm yet minor-league accuracy.
FAMason CloyG625SrSolid backup lineman that can be used at several positions.
FAChad DiehlFB305SrHard-working lead blocker with physical limitations.


Rnd Full NamePos#YrComments
7-FASean RenfreeQB194JrTall, strong armed pocket passer who plays a smart game. Comes with an upside must be monitored.
FAMatt DanielsS404SrAdequate safety with a well-rounded game but mostly effective in the box or playing downhill.
FAKyle HillT794SrBig, strong college left tackle better suited to play on the right side. Solid run blocker yet not agile, nimble and lacks the footwork to protect the quarterbacks blind side.
FALee ButlerCB204Sr
FACharlie HatcherDT935Sr

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