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It’s the Irish under new management as Brian Kelly gets to prove he belongs on the national stage.  One of the best minds in football has talent to work with, especially on the offensive side of the ball.  Notre Dame offers a good amount of NFL talent and prospects with potential to move up draft boards.

The top prospect from the scoring side is receiver Michael Floyd.  Fluid and natural, Floyd effortlessly adjusts to the errant throw and makes the reception away from his frame.  He’s an enticing target that uses his body to shield away opponents and effectively blocks off the line of scrimmage when necessary.  Floyd shows deceptive speed on the field yet is not a true burner.  His return from injury, which forced him to the sidelines part of last season, is long awaited.

Tight end Kyle Rudolph is presently overrated by many in our opinion.  He’s a natural pass catcher who gets up in a crowd and makes the difficult reception, battling defenders to come away with the ball.  Rudolph extends his hands to make the reception away from his frame then keeps the play in bounds working to pick up positive yardage running after the catch.  Rudolph shows marginal quickness and speed in his game and is not an overpowering blocker.  He’s more opportunistic than a great prospect.  Sources close to the situation have told us Rudolph is planning on entering the draft after this season.

If Rudolph is overrated then receiver Duval Kamara does not get enough credit.  Kamara displays terrific eye/hand coordination, nicely adjusts to make the reception and is a well sized target that comes back to the quarterback to make himself an available target.  He’s not real fast yet very reliable and a potential 4th/5th receiver at the next level.

Notre Dame has a bevy of running back prospects, starting with Armando Allen.

Allen displays a burst, finds the cutback lanes and quickly gets through them.  He runs low to the ground, is very elusive handling the ball and creates yardage.  Allen is also a terrific pass catcher that extends to make the reception away from his frame.   He needs to improve his consistency and turn his game up a notch before scouts really take him seriously.  He also lacks the great breakaway speed, which makes Allen nothing more than a rotational back at the next level.

Robert Hughes shows a lot of strength, good running vision and offers potential as a short yardage runner.

Junior Jonas Gray patiently waits for blocks develop and has a burst of speed.  He keeps the play in bounds, picking up yardage off initial contact and shows a lot of quickness in his game.  He’s one of the ND prospects who could make a move up boards.

Quarterback Dayne Crist is one to keep an eye on.  He has NFL size and arm strength.  If he pulls it together Crist could really blossom into a top prospect under coach Kelly.

Chris Stewart is a wide bodied blocker who easily out positions defenders from the action. He shows some quickness and ability pulling across the line of scrimmage but must improve his blocking balance and really learn to finish blocks.

Defensively, junior Darius Fleming tops a thin group.  Fleming breaks down well,    show explosion up the field and chases trying to get involved in the action.  He defeats blocks and also shows good speed to the sidelines.  He comes with a large amount of upside potential.

Senior Brian Smith shows a lot of discipline in his game and is relentless in pursuit the action. A strong tackler who brings opponents down on initial contact, he’s best in the box or up the field.

Ethan Johnson is an explosive lineman who plays with pad level and keeps his feet driving up the field.  Relatively athletic, Johnson shows strength in his lower body yet lacks natural bulk to this point.

Ian Williams is another that does a terrific job consistently playing with leverage.  Very explosive at the point, he’s tough to move off the point and works his hands to protect himself.  More of a straight line defender, he really shows little skill in pursuit.

Cornerback Darrin Walls is highly thought of in scouting circles yet a prospect who needs to step up his game and play with more consistency.

Notre Dame Pro-Prospects

RoundFull NamePosNumberYear
1stMichael FloydWR33Jr
2-3Kyle RudolphTE93Jr
4thDarius FlemingOLB453Jr
4-5Brian SmithOLB584Sr
5thEthan JohnsonDT903Jr
6thArmando AllenRB54Sr
6thIan WilliamsDT954Sr
6thDuval KamaraWR184Sr
6-7Dayne CristQB103So
6-7Darrin WallsCB25Sr
7thRobert HughesRB334Sr
FAKapron Lewis-MooreDE893So
FAChris StewartG595Sr
FAJonas GrayRB253Jr
FAMatt RomineT774Sr
FAKerry NealOLB564Sr

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Could the Badgers compete for the Big Ten title in 2010?  Most definitely yes, though to win a BCS berth the defensive squad must play over their heads.  The team offers plenty of NFL talent from the scoring side of the ball, specifically on the offensive line.

Mention the name Gabe Carimi and you’ll get a wide variety of opinions.  In our minds the senior is one of the better left tackle prospects in the nation and deserves recognition as such. Carimi displays terrific footwork in pass protection, shows the ability to adjust and knocks pass rushers from their angle of attack with good hand punch.  He makes good use of angles, body positioning and blocks with leverage.  Carimi really does not finish blocks nor possesses dominant strength at the point.  He’s not Joe Thomas yet is a terrific blind side protector.

David Oglsby handles the duties at right tackle and is a solid prospect himself.  The junior plays exceptionally low to the ground, quickly gets his hands up into defenders and out positions pass rushers from their angle of attack.  An above average run blocker, he turns defenders off the line then seals them from the action with his large frame.  Oglsby must make better use of blocking angles and improve his pass protection skills yet is someone to watch.

John Moffitt gave serious consideration to entering April’s draft but made the right choice in returning to school, with a shoulder injury looming large in his decision.  A versatile lineman who can play center or guard, Moffitt blocks with good lean, gets underneath opponents and is stout in pass protection.   Quick out to the second level, he displays terrific blocking vision, really goes after assignments and is very effective in motion.  Moffitt   lacks the dominant base and will be pushed back off the line by larger opponents but offers an upside.

Lance Kendricks could be one of the most underrated tight ends in the nation.  Very natural catching the ball, Kendricks displays better-than-average tight end speed and has the ability to get downfield to make plays in the secondary.  He extends to make the reception away from his frame, displays relatively soft hands and does a nice job using his frame to box out opponents and protect the pass. Kendricks gives effort blocking yet lacks strength at the point of attack.  He’s a lot like former Badger and New York Giants third round pick Travis Beckum.

Receiver Nick Toon is a lot like his father, former All Pro wide out Al Toon.  The younger Toon plays with great balance, body control and is graceful on the field.  He consistently makes the reception away from his frame and displays terrific eye/hand coordination as well as focus. Toon is not a burner rather a reliable possession receiver who’ll sneak it downfield when he finds the opening- just like his dad did twenty five years ago.

John Clay is a strong, straight-line running back that can be a can be a battering ram on the inside.  Clay keeps his feet driving up the field, puts his shoulders down pushes defenders and falls forward when tackled.   He struggles changing direction and shows minimal quickness in his game.

Clay’s back-up, Zach Brown, is a sleeper of sorts.  A solid receiver out of the backfield, Brown displays a good degree of quickness in his game and shows creativity in his running.

Many in the scouting community are down on safety Jay Valai, which we think is a mistake.  A smallish safety, Valai does not think twice about taking on larger opponents, shows a tremendous amount of explosion in his game and is fearless coming up the field to defend the run.  He does a nice job diagnosing the action and remaining disciplined with assignments in coverage, keeping the play in front of him.  Valai also shows solid ball skills when placed over the slot receiver, effectively reading receivers eyes and getting his head back around to locate the pass in the air.

Wisconsin Pro-Prospects

RoundFull NamePosNumberYear
1stGabe CarimiT685Sr
3rdLance KendricksTE845Sr
3-4Nick ToonWR14Jr
4thDavid OglsbyT674Jr
5-6John MoffittC755Sr
5-6Jay ValaiFS125Sr
6thJohn ClayRB75Sr
FACulmer St. JeanILB155Sr
FAJ.J. WattDE994Jr
FADevin SmithCB103Jr
FANiles BrinkleyCB295Sr
FAIsaac AndersonWR65Sr
FAPatrick ButrymDT954Jr
FAKevin ZeitlerG703Jr
FALouis NzegwuDE934Jr
FAScott TolzienQB165Sr
FABill NagyG755Sr
FAZach BrownRB304Sr
FABlake SorensonS94Sr

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A listing of the top draft eligible prospects from the Big Ten conference.  125 players make our list heading towards the 2010 season.


Full Name

1Adrian ClaybornIowaDE945Sr
2Gabe CarimiWisconsinT685Sr
3Cameron HeywardOhio StateDE974Sr
4Christian BallardIowaDT464Sr
5Chimdi ChekwaOhio StateCB55Sr
6Ryan KerriganPurdueDE945Sr
7Stefen WisniewskiPenn StateC615Sr
8Ross HomanOhio StateILB515Sr
9Lance KendricksWisconsinTE845Sr
10Greg JonesMichigan StateILB534Sr
11Evan RoysterPenn StateRB225Sr
12Brian RolleOhio StateILB364Sr
13Justin BorenOhio StateC655Sr
14Broderick BinnsIowaDE914Jr
15JB ShugartsOhio StateT763Jr
16Damarlo BelcherIndianaWR884Jr
17Kawann ShortPurdueDT933So
18Mike BrewsterOhio StateC503Jr
19Tandon DossIndianaWR23Jr
20Terrelle PryorOhio StateQB23Jr
21Nick ToonWisconsinWR14Jr
22Brandon SaineOhio StateRB34Sr
23Larry Black JrIndianaDT973So
24Jonas MoutonMichiganOLB84Sr
25Devon TorrenceOhio StateCB104Sr
26Jeremiha HunterIowaOLB425Sr
27David OglsbyWisconsinT674Jr
28Jeff AllenIllinoisT713Jr
29Ken PluePurdueG733Jr
30Obi EzehMichiganILB455Sr
31John MoffittWisconsinC755Sr
32Mike AdamsOhio StateT753Jr
33Jay ValaiWisconsinFS125Sr
34Eric GordonMichigan StateOLB435Sr
35DeVier PoseyOhio StateWR83Jr
36Dominic AlfordMinnesotaT765Sr
37Marvin McNuttIowaWR74Jr
38Ben ChappellIndianaQB45Sr
39John ClayWisconsinRB75Sr
40Quentin DavieNorthwesternILB415Sr
41DeOn’tae PannellPenn StateG503Jr
42Karl KlugIowaDE955Sr
43Duane BennettMinnesotaRB224Jr
44Darius WillisIndianaRB283So
45Clay NurseIllinoisDE975Sr
46Mark MoundrosMichiganFB445Sr
47Ollie OgbuPenn StateDT855Sr
48Mark DellMichigan StateWR25Sr
49Derek MoyePenn StateWR64Jr
50Brian PetersNorthwesternS104Jr
51Jack CrawfordPenn StateDE813Jr
52James BrewerIndianaT735Sr
53Corbin BryantNorthwesternDT985Sr
54Jermale HinesOhio StateS74Sr
55Culmer St. JeanWisconsinILB155Sr
56Bryant BrowningOhio StateG705Sr
57Graham ZugPenn StateWR55Sr
58Dane SanzenbacherOhio StateWR124Sr
59Kyle AdamsPurdueTE855Sr
60Bani GbadyuPenn StateOLB155Sr
61J.J. WattWisconsinDE994Jr
62Terrance TurnerIndianaWR15Sr
63David ArnoldNorthwesternS324Jr
64Michael WilliamsMichiganS404Jr
65Al NetterNorthwesternT754Jr
66Dexter LarimoreOhio StateDT725Sr
67Steve SchillingMichiganT525Sr
68Gary TinsleyMinnesotaILB513Jr
69Doug BartelsNorthwesternG644Jr
70Charlie GanttMichigan StateTE835Sr
71Vince BrowneNorthwesternDE944Jr
72Troy StoudermireMinnesotaWR113Jr
73Keith SmithPurdueWR85Sr
74Devin SmithWisconsinCB103Jr
75B.J. CunninghamMichigan StateWR34Jr
76DJ YoungMichigan StateT595Sr
77Niles BrinkleyWisconsinCB295Sr
78Kevin KogerMichiganTE863Jr
79Neal DeitersNorthwesternT793So
80Ricky StanziIowaQB125Sr
81Chris L. RuckerMichigan StateCB164Sr
82Shaun PraterIowaCB283Jr
83Allen ReisnerIowaTE824Sr
84Jeff WillsMinnesotaT714Sr
85Isaac AndersonWisconsinWR65Sr
86Patrick ButrymWisconsinDT954Jr
87Ben BurkettNorthwesternC654Jr
88Brett MorseIowaFB365Sr
89Marcus HydeMichigan StateS115Sr
90Kevin ZeitlerWisconsinG703Jr
91Kirk CousinsMichigan StateQB84Jr
92D.J. BurrisMinnesotaC534Sr
93Troy WoolfolkMichiganS294Sr
94Louis NzegwuWisconsinDE934Jr
95Ryan PalmerIllinoisT785Sr
96Nathan BusseyIllinoisOLB184Sr
97Travon BellamyIllinoisS315Sr
98Perry DorresteinMichiganT794Sr
99Cortez SmithPurdueWR74Sr
100Jarred FayaonIllinoisWR115Sr
101J.T. FloydMichiganCB123So
102Darryl StonumMichiganWR223Jr
103Mike MartinMichiganDT683Jr
104Junior HemingwayMichiganWR214Jr
105Mark HuygeMichiganG724Jr
106Derrell Johnson-KoulianosIowaWR155Sr
107Kim RoystonMinnesotaS34Sr
108Andy MillerOhio StateT555Sr
109Tyler SashIowaS94Jr
110Randall HuntIllinoisG665Sr
111Josh RooksNorthwesternTE894Sr
112Joel ForemanMichigan StateG674Jr
113Scott TolzienWisconsinQB165Sr
114Bill NagyWisconsinG755Sr
115Zach BrownWisconsinRB304Sr
116Johnnie TroutmanPenn StateG744Jr
117Blake SorensonWisconsinS94Sr
118Adam WeberMinnesotaQB84Sr
119Martell WebbMichiganTE804Sr
120Brett GreenwoodIowaS305Sr
121Julian VanderveldeIowaG635Sr
122Elias EliadesPenn StateG775Sr
123Keith CarlosPurdueWR14Sr
124James RogersMichiganWR184Sr
125Adam PattersonMichiganDE994Sr

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