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It’s the Irish under new management as Brian Kelly gets to prove he belongs on the national stage.  One of the best minds in football has talent to work with, especially on the offensive side of the ball.  Notre Dame offers a good amount of NFL talent and prospects with potential to move up draft boards.

The top prospect from the scoring side is receiver Michael Floyd.  Fluid and natural, Floyd effortlessly adjusts to the errant throw and makes the reception away from his frame.  He’s an enticing target that uses his body to shield away opponents and effectively blocks off the line of scrimmage when necessary.  Floyd shows deceptive speed on the field yet is not a true burner.  His return from injury, which forced him to the sidelines part of last season, is long awaited.

Tight end Kyle Rudolph is presently overrated by many in our opinion.  He’s a natural pass catcher who gets up in a crowd and makes the difficult reception, battling defenders to come away with the ball.  Rudolph extends his hands to make the reception away from his frame then keeps the play in bounds working to pick up positive yardage running after the catch.  Rudolph shows marginal quickness and speed in his game and is not an overpowering blocker.  He’s more opportunistic than a great prospect.  Sources close to the situation have told us Rudolph is planning on entering the draft after this season.

If Rudolph is overrated then receiver Duval Kamara does not get enough credit.  Kamara displays terrific eye/hand coordination, nicely adjusts to make the reception and is a well sized target that comes back to the quarterback to make himself an available target.  He’s not real fast yet very reliable and a potential 4th/5th receiver at the next level.

Notre Dame has a bevy of running back prospects, starting with Armando Allen.

Allen displays a burst, finds the cutback lanes and quickly gets through them.  He runs low to the ground, is very elusive handling the ball and creates yardage.  Allen is also a terrific pass catcher that extends to make the reception away from his frame.   He needs to improve his consistency and turn his game up a notch before scouts really take him seriously.  He also lacks the great breakaway speed, which makes Allen nothing more than a rotational back at the next level.

Robert Hughes shows a lot of strength, good running vision and offers potential as a short yardage runner.

Junior Jonas Gray patiently waits for blocks develop and has a burst of speed.  He keeps the play in bounds, picking up yardage off initial contact and shows a lot of quickness in his game.  He’s one of the ND prospects who could make a move up boards.

Quarterback Dayne Crist is one to keep an eye on.  He has NFL size and arm strength.  If he pulls it together Crist could really blossom into a top prospect under coach Kelly.

Chris Stewart is a wide bodied blocker who easily out positions defenders from the action. He shows some quickness and ability pulling across the line of scrimmage but must improve his blocking balance and really learn to finish blocks.

Defensively, junior Darius Fleming tops a thin group.  Fleming breaks down well,    show explosion up the field and chases trying to get involved in the action.  He defeats blocks and also shows good speed to the sidelines.  He comes with a large amount of upside potential.

Senior Brian Smith shows a lot of discipline in his game and is relentless in pursuit the action. A strong tackler who brings opponents down on initial contact, he’s best in the box or up the field.

Ethan Johnson is an explosive lineman who plays with pad level and keeps his feet driving up the field.  Relatively athletic, Johnson shows strength in his lower body yet lacks natural bulk to this point.

Ian Williams is another that does a terrific job consistently playing with leverage.  Very explosive at the point, he’s tough to move off the point and works his hands to protect himself.  More of a straight line defender, he really shows little skill in pursuit.

Cornerback Darrin Walls is highly thought of in scouting circles yet a prospect who needs to step up his game and play with more consistency.

Notre Dame Pro-Prospects

Round Full Name Pos Number Year
1st Michael Floyd WR 3 3Jr
2-3 Kyle Rudolph TE 9 3Jr
4th Darius Fleming OLB 45 3Jr
4-5 Brian Smith OLB 58 4Sr
5th Ethan Johnson DT 90 3Jr
6th Armando Allen RB 5 4Sr
6th Ian Williams DT 95 4Sr
6th Duval Kamara WR 18 4Sr
6-7 Dayne Crist QB 10 3So
6-7 Darrin Walls CB 2 5Sr
7th Robert Hughes RB 33 4Sr
FA Kapron Lewis-Moore DE 89 3So
FA Chris Stewart G 59 5Sr
FA Jonas Gray RB 25 3Jr
FA Matt Romine T 77 4Sr
FA Kerry Neal OLB 56 4Sr

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Could the Badgers compete for the Big Ten title in 2010?  Most definitely yes, though to win a BCS berth the defensive squad must play over their heads.  The team offers plenty of NFL talent from the scoring side of the ball, specifically on the offensive line.

Mention the name Gabe Carimi and you’ll get a wide variety of opinions.  In our minds the senior is one of the better left tackle prospects in the nation and deserves recognition as such. Carimi displays terrific footwork in pass protection, shows the ability to adjust and knocks pass rushers from their angle of attack with good hand punch.  He makes good use of angles, body positioning and blocks with leverage.  Carimi really does not finish blocks nor possesses dominant strength at the point.  He’s not Joe Thomas yet is a terrific blind side protector.

David Oglsby handles the duties at right tackle and is a solid prospect himself.  The junior plays exceptionally low to the ground, quickly gets his hands up into defenders and out positions pass rushers from their angle of attack.  An above average run blocker, he turns defenders off the line then seals them from the action with his large frame.  Oglsby must make better use of blocking angles and improve his pass protection skills yet is someone to watch.

John Moffitt gave serious consideration to entering April’s draft but made the right choice in returning to school, with a shoulder injury looming large in his decision.  A versatile lineman who can play center or guard, Moffitt blocks with good lean, gets underneath opponents and is stout in pass protection.   Quick out to the second level, he displays terrific blocking vision, really goes after assignments and is very effective in motion.  Moffitt   lacks the dominant base and will be pushed back off the line by larger opponents but offers an upside.

Lance Kendricks could be one of the most underrated tight ends in the nation.  Very natural catching the ball, Kendricks displays better-than-average tight end speed and has the ability to get downfield to make plays in the secondary.  He extends to make the reception away from his frame, displays relatively soft hands and does a nice job using his frame to box out opponents and protect the pass. Kendricks gives effort blocking yet lacks strength at the point of attack.  He’s a lot like former Badger and New York Giants third round pick Travis Beckum.

Receiver Nick Toon is a lot like his father, former All Pro wide out Al Toon.  The younger Toon plays with great balance, body control and is graceful on the field.  He consistently makes the reception away from his frame and displays terrific eye/hand coordination as well as focus. Toon is not a burner rather a reliable possession receiver who’ll sneak it downfield when he finds the opening- just like his dad did twenty five years ago.

John Clay is a strong, straight-line running back that can be a can be a battering ram on the inside.  Clay keeps his feet driving up the field, puts his shoulders down pushes defenders and falls forward when tackled.   He struggles changing direction and shows minimal quickness in his game.

Clay’s back-up, Zach Brown, is a sleeper of sorts.  A solid receiver out of the backfield, Brown displays a good degree of quickness in his game and shows creativity in his running.

Many in the scouting community are down on safety Jay Valai, which we think is a mistake.  A smallish safety, Valai does not think twice about taking on larger opponents, shows a tremendous amount of explosion in his game and is fearless coming up the field to defend the run.  He does a nice job diagnosing the action and remaining disciplined with assignments in coverage, keeping the play in front of him.  Valai also shows solid ball skills when placed over the slot receiver, effectively reading receivers eyes and getting his head back around to locate the pass in the air.

Wisconsin Pro-Prospects

Round Full Name Pos Number Year
1st Gabe Carimi T 68 5Sr
3rd Lance Kendricks TE 84 5Sr
3-4 Nick Toon WR 1 4Jr
4th David Oglsby T 67 4Jr
5-6 John Moffitt C 75 5Sr
5-6 Jay Valai FS 12 5Sr
6th John Clay RB 7 5Sr
FA Culmer St. Jean ILB 15 5Sr
FA J.J. Watt DE 99 4Jr
FA Devin Smith CB 10 3Jr
FA Niles Brinkley CB 29 5Sr
FA Isaac Anderson WR 6 5Sr
FA Patrick Butrym DT 95 4Jr
FA Kevin Zeitler G 70 3Jr
FA Louis Nzegwu DE 93 4Jr
FA Scott Tolzien QB 16 5Sr
FA Bill Nagy G 75 5Sr
FA Zach Brown RB 30 4Sr
FA Blake Sorenson S 9 4Sr

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A listing of the top draft eligible prospects from the Big Ten conference.  125 players make our list heading towards the 2010 season.


Full Name

School Pos Num ear
1 Adrian Clayborn Iowa DE 94 5Sr
2 Gabe Carimi Wisconsin T 68 5Sr
3 Cameron Heyward Ohio State DE 97 4Sr
4 Christian Ballard Iowa DT 46 4Sr
5 Chimdi Chekwa Ohio State CB 5 5Sr
6 Ryan Kerrigan Purdue DE 94 5Sr
7 Stefen Wisniewski Penn State C 61 5Sr
8 Ross Homan Ohio State ILB 51 5Sr
9 Lance Kendricks Wisconsin TE 84 5Sr
10 Greg Jones Michigan State ILB 53 4Sr
11 Evan Royster Penn State RB 22 5Sr
12 Brian Rolle Ohio State ILB 36 4Sr
13 Justin Boren Ohio State C 65 5Sr
14 Broderick Binns Iowa DE 91 4Jr
15 JB Shugarts Ohio State T 76 3Jr
16 Damarlo Belcher Indiana WR 88 4Jr
17 Kawann Short Purdue DT 93 3So
18 Mike Brewster Ohio State C 50 3Jr
19 Tandon Doss Indiana WR 2 3Jr
20 Terrelle Pryor Ohio State QB 2 3Jr
21 Nick Toon Wisconsin WR 1 4Jr
22 Brandon Saine Ohio State RB 3 4Sr
23 Larry Black Jr Indiana DT 97 3So
24 Jonas Mouton Michigan OLB 8 4Sr
25 Devon Torrence Ohio State CB 10 4Sr
26 Jeremiha Hunter Iowa OLB 42 5Sr
27 David Oglsby Wisconsin T 67 4Jr
28 Jeff Allen Illinois T 71 3Jr
29 Ken Plue Purdue G 73 3Jr
30 Obi Ezeh Michigan ILB 45 5Sr
31 John Moffitt Wisconsin C 75 5Sr
32 Mike Adams Ohio State T 75 3Jr
33 Jay Valai Wisconsin FS 12 5Sr
34 Eric Gordon Michigan State OLB 43 5Sr
35 DeVier Posey Ohio State WR 8 3Jr
36 Dominic Alford Minnesota T 76 5Sr
37 Marvin McNutt Iowa WR 7 4Jr
38 Ben Chappell Indiana QB 4 5Sr
39 John Clay Wisconsin RB 7 5Sr
40 Quentin Davie Northwestern ILB 41 5Sr
41 DeOn’tae Pannell Penn State G 50 3Jr
42 Karl Klug Iowa DE 95 5Sr
43 Duane Bennett Minnesota RB 22 4Jr
44 Darius Willis Indiana RB 28 3So
45 Clay Nurse Illinois DE 97 5Sr
46 Mark Moundros Michigan FB 44 5Sr
47 Ollie Ogbu Penn State DT 85 5Sr
48 Mark Dell Michigan State WR 2 5Sr
49 Derek Moye Penn State WR 6 4Jr
50 Brian Peters Northwestern S 10 4Jr
51 Jack Crawford Penn State DE 81 3Jr
52 James Brewer Indiana T 73 5Sr
53 Corbin Bryant Northwestern DT 98 5Sr
54 Jermale Hines Ohio State S 7 4Sr
55 Culmer St. Jean Wisconsin ILB 15 5Sr
56 Bryant Browning Ohio State G 70 5Sr
57 Graham Zug Penn State WR 5 5Sr
58 Dane Sanzenbacher Ohio State WR 12 4Sr
59 Kyle Adams Purdue TE 85 5Sr
60 Bani Gbadyu Penn State OLB 15 5Sr
61 J.J. Watt Wisconsin DE 99 4Jr
62 Terrance Turner Indiana WR 1 5Sr
63 David Arnold Northwestern S 32 4Jr
64 Michael Williams Michigan S 40 4Jr
65 Al Netter Northwestern T 75 4Jr
66 Dexter Larimore Ohio State DT 72 5Sr
67 Steve Schilling Michigan T 52 5Sr
68 Gary Tinsley Minnesota ILB 51 3Jr
69 Doug Bartels Northwestern G 64 4Jr
70 Charlie Gantt Michigan State TE 83 5Sr
71 Vince Browne Northwestern DE 94 4Jr
72 Troy Stoudermire Minnesota WR 11 3Jr
73 Keith Smith Purdue WR 8 5Sr
74 Devin Smith Wisconsin CB 10 3Jr
75 B.J. Cunningham Michigan State WR 3 4Jr
76 DJ Young Michigan State T 59 5Sr
77 Niles Brinkley Wisconsin CB 29 5Sr
78 Kevin Koger Michigan TE 86 3Jr
79 Neal Deiters Northwestern T 79 3So
80 Ricky Stanzi Iowa QB 12 5Sr
81 Chris L. Rucker Michigan State CB 16 4Sr
82 Shaun Prater Iowa CB 28 3Jr
83 Allen Reisner Iowa TE 82 4Sr
84 Jeff Wills Minnesota T 71 4Sr
85 Isaac Anderson Wisconsin WR 6 5Sr
86 Patrick Butrym Wisconsin DT 95 4Jr
87 Ben Burkett Northwestern C 65 4Jr
88 Brett Morse Iowa FB 36 5Sr
89 Marcus Hyde Michigan State S 11 5Sr
90 Kevin Zeitler Wisconsin G 70 3Jr
91 Kirk Cousins Michigan State QB 8 4Jr
92 D.J. Burris Minnesota C 53 4Sr
93 Troy Woolfolk Michigan S 29 4Sr
94 Louis Nzegwu Wisconsin DE 93 4Jr
95 Ryan Palmer Illinois T 78 5Sr
96 Nathan Bussey Illinois OLB 18 4Sr
97 Travon Bellamy Illinois S 31 5Sr
98 Perry Dorrestein Michigan T 79 4Sr
99 Cortez Smith Purdue WR 7 4Sr
100 Jarred Fayaon Illinois WR 11 5Sr
101 J.T. Floyd Michigan CB 12 3So
102 Darryl Stonum Michigan WR 22 3Jr
103 Mike Martin Michigan DT 68 3Jr
104 Junior Hemingway Michigan WR 21 4Jr
105 Mark Huyge Michigan G 72 4Jr
106 Derrell Johnson-Koulianos Iowa WR 15 5Sr
107 Kim Royston Minnesota S 3 4Sr
108 Andy Miller Ohio State T 55 5Sr
109 Tyler Sash Iowa S 9 4Jr
110 Randall Hunt Illinois G 66 5Sr
111 Josh Rooks Northwestern TE 89 4Sr
112 Joel Foreman Michigan State G 67 4Jr
113 Scott Tolzien Wisconsin QB 16 5Sr
114 Bill Nagy Wisconsin G 75 5Sr
115 Zach Brown Wisconsin RB 30 4Sr
116 Johnnie Troutman Penn State G 74 4Jr
117 Blake Sorenson Wisconsin S 9 4Sr
118 Adam Weber Minnesota QB 8 4Sr
119 Martell Webb Michigan TE 80 4Sr
120 Brett Greenwood Iowa S 30 5Sr
121 Julian Vandervelde Iowa G 63 5Sr
122 Elias Eliades Penn State G 77 5Sr
123 Keith Carlos Purdue WR 1 4Sr
124 James Rogers Michigan WR 18 4Sr
125 Adam Patterson Michigan DE 99 4Sr

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