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V. Burfict, a star in the making?Issues, issues, and more issues.

Simply the best way to describe our host Brent Sobleski, his guest Mr. Rich Passan, and the numerous technical difficulties faced.

All in all, the podcast was still able to power through and produce a semi-coherent conversation.

Join us once again as we discuss a little local flavor with the forty plus year Cleveland Plain Dealer and radio veteran.   Topics include:

– Cleveland Browns’ rookie class.

– Arizona and Arizona State prospects.

– A few sidebars.

– And our regular segment, “Full of B.S.”

If any other lingering questions and comments are also present, they can be also directed to as we will finish our “Conference Calls” just prior to the season starting with the Pac 10 still needing attention.

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An unfortunate injury to quarterback Colt McCoy early in the contest left the Longhorns dream of winning a national title unanswered.  There’s a lot of talent on the defensive side of the ball this year but the team will take a step back after a number of key players from the offense are now perfecting their craft in the NFL.

We rank blocking tight end Greg Smith at the top UT NFL prospect on offense, which tells you something about the talent they lost.   Yet that’s not to knock Smith, who’s one of the premiere blocking tight ends in the nation. He’s strong, resilient and very tough.  Smith easily controls opposing linemen at the line and opens holes for the running game.  He’s not much of an offensive threat, though Smith reliably catches the ball as a short yardage receiver.

Kyle Hix is a hard working, small area blocker who lumbers around the field.  Strong, he plays smart football and works well with teammates.  Hix is also very tough but struggles in space or adjusting to nimble opponents.

Defensively there’s talent from front to back.

End Sam Acho is a solid prospect who makes plays at the line of scrimmage or out to the flanks.  Acho shows good movement skills, is fluid getting out to the sidelines and plays with good pad level.  He effectively uses his hands to protect himself and is rarely off his feet.  His measurables (6’3”/260lbs) leave a lot to be desired and our concern is the position Acho will hold down at the next level.

Junior linebacker Keenan Robinson is an exciting prospect.  He’s an athletic defender that covers a decent amount of area on the field, gets depth on drops and intimidates opponents that come over the middle.

We anxiously await the return of Jared Norton, a prospect we ranked high off the ’08 film.  Norton, who was a force at middle linebacker, suffered an injury at the start of last season and sat on the sidelines the rest of the year.

The backfield is full of quality NFL prospects, some who have the potential to be special.

Chykie Brown is a well built cornerback who plays big and physical.  Brown jams opponents at the line of scrimmage, slowing their release off the snap, works hard to get off blocks and makes a lot of plays on the ball.  He has a burst to the action and is forceful up the field on the blitz.  Brown’s also displays solid instincts and overall awareness.  He must polish his technique as Brown is very quick to leave his backpedal, loses in transition turning his hips and at times last season played back on his heels.

Aaron Williams is a big time talent and could eventually be the earliest pick of all the UT defensive backs when he enters the draft.  Williams also shows force up the field on the blitz, is physical with receivers at the line as well as throughout the route and also plays heads-up football.  He easily runs downfield with opponents then effectively uses his large frame to box receivers.

Curtis Brown is our third rated UT cornerback.  This Brown does a nice job reading receivers eyes then gets his head back around to immediately locate the pass.  He shows better-than-average ball skills yet must up his game.

Blake Gideon is a hard nosed defender who runs around the field playing as though his hair was in fire.  He shows a good head for the ball but also makes plays with his hustle.  He lacks the great ball skills and is better between the numbers but will be an asset as a dime back/special teams player.

Texas Pro-Prospects

Round Full Name Pos Num Year
2-3 Chykie Brown CB 8 5Sr
3rd Aaron Williams CB 4 4Jr
3-4 Keenan Robinson OLB 1 4Jr
4-5 Greg Smith TE 83 5Sr
5th Sam Acho DE N 5Sr
6th Curtis Brown CB 3 4Sr
7th Blake Gideon S 21 3Jr
FA Jared Norton ILB 11 4Sr
FA Kyle Hix T 64 5Sr
FA James Kirkendoll WR 11 4Sr
FA Eddie Jones DE 32 4Sr
FA Michael Huey G 63 4Sr
FA John Chiles WR 5 4Sr

Discuss all the top NFL prospects from the Big 12

One season after they thought they would compete for the Big 12 title, Oklahoma State returns a team that is in many ways stripped of talent. Our top Cowboy ranks as a third round choice and the quality quickly drops off after that.

Kendall Hunter struggled through an injury plagued campaign last season yet at the top of his game he’s an elusive ball carrier that consistently creates yardage.  He’ll make several defenders miss over the course of a single run, shows and explosive burst and runs north/south.  He’ll fit the role of third down back/specialist at the next level.

Hubert Anyiam is a solid receiver prospect who did a good job filling in for the suspended Dez Bryant last season.  Quick releasing off the line into routes, he shows better-than-average downfield speed and is a consistent hand catcher.  He’ll get vertical and come away with the ball in a crowd.

Defensive end Ugo Chinasa is an adequate defensive end yet someone who never lived up to expectations.  Chinasa can bend off the edge, plays with good lean and is rarely off his feet.  He has a long build and looks imposing on the field yet does more chasing than playmaking and is easily controlled at the point of attack.

Markelle Martin is a good looking safety prospect.  Martin is solid defending the run, takes good angles to the action and squares into tackles.  He displays solid ball skills between the numbers.

Chris Donaldson is a fiery defensive tackle with good first step quickness.  Breaking  down well he plays with consistent knee bend and fires through the gaps upfield.

Oklahoma State Pro-Prospects

Round Full Name Pos Num Year
3-4 Kendall Hunter RB 24 4Sr
3-4 Hubert Anyiam WR 84 4Jr
6-7 Ugo Chinasa DE 91 5Sr
FA Markelle Martin S 10 3Jr
FA Chris Donaldson DT 95 4Sr
FA Shane Jarka DT 46 5Sr
FA Justin Lemon ILB 41 5Sr
FA Andrew McGee CB 6 4Sr
FA Anthony Morgan G 65 4Sr

Discuss all the top NFL prospects from the Big 12

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