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Complete information on the wide receivers that participated at the combine.  Included are official height, weight, arm length, hand size , bench results plus two hand timings in the forty.  Practice reports for all who participated are also included.

Full NameSchoolHtWtArmHandBench40-140-2
Seyi AjirotutuFresno State603320432 5/89 3/8144.564.55
Danario AlexanderMissouri604521534 3/410INJ
Alric ArnettWest Virginia601618832 1/29DNB4.504.49
Brandon BanksKansas State5066149308 1/4DNB4.404.41
Chris BellNorfolk State602121132 1/49 1/8154.534.50
Arrelious BennIllinois601021932 1/49 3/8204.564.53
Nyan BoatengCalifornia601020433 1/49 3/8144.754.73
Dezmon BriscoeKansas602020733 1/29 1/294.634.68
Antonio BrownCentral Michigan5101186319134.544.59
Dez BryantOklahoma State6020225349 3/4DNBINJ
Chris CarterCal-Davis511319130 3/49 3/812INJ
Riley CooperFlorida603322232 5/810 3/8DNB4.534.59
Eric DeckerMinnesota6031217319 1/815INJ
Marcus EasleyConnecticut602621032 3/48 1/2164.414.39
Jacoby FordClemson508718630 1/29 1/4154.254.28
David GettisBaylor60302173410154.464.47
Marshwan GilyardCincinnati511718732 1/49 1/8DNB4.594.65
Vareion HodgeMississippi6012209339 1/4114.604.60
Trindon HollidayLSU
Donald JonesYoungstown State6003214329204.484.52
Kevin JurovichSan Jose State511518830 1/29 1/214DNR
Brandon LaFellLSU602421132 3/48 3/4DNB4.644.59
Scott LongLouisville602121631 1/49 3/4204.474.47
Chris McGahaArizona State600720131 3/410 1/819INJ
Kerry MeierKansas6021224329 3/8134.654.65
Carlton MitchellSouth Florida602721532 1/29 1/4164.444.46
Preston ParkerNorth Alabama511219930 3/89 1/4164.694.67
Jared PerryMissouri6006178329114.564.59
Taylor PriceOhio600320431 1/49 1/2164.424.40
David ReedUtah600119131 3/49 3/8154.584.55
Andre RobertsCitadel510719531 1/29 1/2154.444.47
Emmanuel SandersSMU5107186329 1/4124.394.42
Jordan ShipleyTexas511219330 1/29 5/8164.604.65
Golden TateNotre Dame510219930 1/29 1/4174.404.38
Demaryius ThomasGeorgia Tech60322243310 1/2INJ
Verran TuckerCalifornia601520033 1/49 1/4INJ
Chastin WestFresno State600321232 3/49 7/8Q154.574.55
Blair WhiteMichigan State602220931 1/29 1/4184.524.47
Kyle WilliamsArizona State5100188309 1/8114.414.41
Jeremy WilliamsTulane600120631 1/210144.604.59
Stephen WilliamsToledo604421033 1/49 1/8154.544.52
Damian WilliamsUSC600519731 3/49 1/4194.474.55
Mike WilliamsSyracuse601422132 1/29 1/484.604.55
Ryan WolfeUNLV601020532 1/29 1/213DNR

Seyi Ajirotutu/Fresno St.; displayed no burst, very choppy running routes, and could not run to the deep ball.

Alric Arnett/West Virginia; displayed solid hands and effectively adjusted to passes.

Brandon Banks/Kansas St.; very explosive on the field, showed a great burst, and incredibly quick feet.  Caught the ball well all afternoon.

Chris Bell/Norfolk St.; caught the ball well, yet ran poor routes, showing limited quickness, and lacked burst in his game.

Arrelious Benn/Illinois; fluid receiver that ran better than expected routes and displayed better than expected hands.

Nyan Boateng/California; showed minimal quickness and struggled running routes, yet displayed strong and soft hands catching the ball very well.

Dezmon Briscoe/Kansas; caught the ball well, yet showed no quickness or burst.

Antonio Brown/Central Michigan; ran terrific routes and displayed both soft and strong hands.

Riley Cooper/Florida; displayed great hands, yet displayed no burst or quickness.

Marcus Easley/Connecticut; long strider who displayed marginal quickness and no burst.

Jacoby Ford/Clemson; stood out in every aspect.  Ran great routes, showed a terrific burst of speed, and caught everything thrown in his direction.

David Gettis/Baylor; did not practice to his forty time, slow off the line, and showed no burst.

Marshawn Gilyard/Cincinnati; ran good routes caught the ball well, and displayed a lot of natural pass catching skills.

Shay Hodge/Mississippi; caught the ball well, displaying good timing, snatching the ball in the air.

Trindon Holliday/LSU; quick running routes, displayed a great burst, yet was inconsistent catching the ball, dropping several easy passes.

Donald Jones/Youngstown St.; inconsistent catching the ball, all too often letting the ball get inside his body, thus resulting in drops.

Kevin Jurovich/San Jose St.; very natural catching the ball, displaying good hand/eye coordination, and making the reception away from his frame.

Brandon LaFell/LSU; ran adequate routes, displaying strong hands plucking the ball out the air.

Scott Long/Louisville; ran effective routes and practiced fast, outrunning many of the passes thrown to him.   Extends and made the reception outside of his frame.

Chris McGaha/Arizona St.; struggled throughout the day and never seemed to get his feet underneath him.

Kerry Meier/Kansas; ran better than expected routes, yet showed no burst and let a few passes slip through his hands.

Carlton Mitchell/South Florida; practiced to his forty time, making the reception in stride; nicely adjusting to the errant throw and then grabbing the pass out of the air.

Preston Parker/North Alabama; showed marginal quickness and bobbled too many passes.  Will work out during the Florida St. pro day.

Jared Perry/Missouri; caught the ball well and showed good concentration.

Taylor Price/Ohio; strong practice session.   Showed a great burst of speed, turns it on in one step, then extends and snatches the ball in the air.  Terrific hand/eye coordination and extended to make the reception away from his frame.

David Reed/Utah;  solid pass catching skills, yet did not stand out in any single area.

Andre Roberts/Citadel; had a lot of uncharacteristic drops, did run nice routes.

Emmanuel Sanders/SMU; terrific overall performance, ran great routes, showed a terrific burst, and had the ability to turn it on in a single step.   Caught the ball well all day.

Jordan Shipley/Texas; struggled running routes, showing no burst in his game, and looked slow in drills.

Golden Tate/Notre Dame; dropped some passes early, then picked up the pace.  Ran good routes, was catching everything throw in his direction by the end of the session.

Chastin West/Fresno St.; ran adequate routes and effectively extended to make the reception away from his frame.

Blair White/Michigan St.; shows no speed or burst, yet comes out of his routes well and effectively catches the ball.

Kyle Williams/Arizona St.; started off hot, running good routes, displaying top quickness, and catching the ball well.   Faded toward the end.

Jeremy Williams/Tulane; caught the ball well, yet looked rather ordinary through most of the day.

Stephen Williams/Toledo; showed no burst or quickness, and dropped a number of passes.

Damian Williams/USC; a lot of drops early and looked very average all day.

Mike Williams/Syracuse; shows no quickness in his game, very slow off the line, and has no burst.  Picked it up as the session went along, but overall looked very uninspired.

Complete information on the running backs that participated at the combine.  Included are official height, weight, arm length, hand size , bench results plus two hand timings in the forty.  Practice reports for all who participated are also included.

Full NameSchoolHtWtArmHandBench40-140-2
Joique BellWayne State501222031 1/29DNB4.714.68
Jahvid BestCalifornia510119931 3/49184.344.37
LeGarrette BlountOregon600424133 1/210184.734.78
Chris BrownOklahoma5103210299 1/8174.62INJ
John ConnerKentucky5111246328 1/2244.714.71
Anthony DixonMississippi State600623332 5/89 3/4154.714.67
Andre DixonConnecticut600620532 1/410 1/8DNB4.644.61
Jonathan DwyerGeorgia Tech5112229318 5/8154.744.69
Toby GerhartStanford6000231329 5/8224.574.53
Montario HardestyTennessee5116225319 1/2214.524.56
Rashawn JacksonVirginia6010239339 7/8DNB4.724.75
Javarris JamesMiami-Fl6002212329 5/8214.584.56
Stafon JohnsonUSC510721430 3/88 3/4134.714.69
Darius MarshallMarshall509219030 3/49144.674.66
Ryan MathewsFresno State5115218319 1/4194.454.44
Dexter McClusterMississippi508617229 1/48 3/8204.574.56
Joe McKnightUSC501319831 3/49 1/8184.484.49
Shawnbrey McNealSMU509119430 1/29 3/8144.584.60
Lonyae MillerFresno State511422130 3/48 7/8264.594.56
Patrick PaschallNorth Dakota State511520932 5/89 1/4154.714.69
Charles ScottLSU5013238339 1/2DNB4.694.72
C.J. SpillerClemson510519630 1/210 1/8194.424.38
James StarksBuffalo602121833 3/49 1/2154.484.47
Ben TateAuburn511022031 1/49264.444.442
Manase TongaBYU511224531 7/89 3/8194.844.78
Keith TostonOklahoma State501621332 3/49 1/4224.654.69
Keiland WilliamsLSU5107233308 3/4

Joique Bell/Wayne St.; ran poorly in the forty and looked slow in drills, was unable to turn the corner with any speed, and lacked overall balance.  Did catch the ball well out of the backfield.

Jahvid Best/California; maintained his forty speed through the practice session.  Lost no momentum changing direction, easily cut on a dime, and has a great burst.   Presented himself as a legitimate downfield pass catching threat.

LaGarrette Blount/Oregon; slow footed, lost a lot of momentum changing direction, and displayed average hands.

John Conner/Kentucky; worked hard and displayed nice hands, but was nothing more than a straight line player.

Anthony Dixon/Mississippi St.; practiced much faster than he timed, fluid, showed a burst of speed, and caught the ball well.

Andre Dixon/Connecticut; ran with good lean and displayed a good change of direction.  Not quick cutting back against the grain.

Jonathan Dwyer/Georgia Tech; ran behind his shoulders, was smooth cutting back, and showed a much better than expected change of direction.

Toby Gerhart/Stanford; significantly slowed down when changing direction and showed minimal burst.  Caught the ball well.

Montario Hardesty/Tennessee; caught the ball well, yet for the most part showed just average speed and look confused at times.

Reshawn Jackson/Virginia; average first step quickness and almost came to a halt when asked to change direction.

Javarris James/Miami; displayed solid feet in a small area yet really slow into cuts.

Stafon Johnson/USC; displayed quick feet, ran with good lean, and showed soft pass catching hands.

Darius Marshall/Marshall; lacked balance, marginal quickness, and was not fast.

Ryan Matthews/Fresno St.; fast, practice to his timing, and runs low to the ground.  Quick footed in all of the drills.   Caught the deep ball well.

Dexter McCluster/Mississippi; despite his forty time, he displayed amazing quickness, the ability to turn it on in a single step, or immediately cut back against the grain without losing momentum.

Joe McKnight/USC; displayed tremendous cutting ability, quick feet, and outstanding pass catching hands.

Shawnbrey McNeil/SMU; smooth runner, plays with good lean, and fluid change of direction.

Lonyae Miller/Fresno St.; displayed a surprisingly good change of direction, better than average feet, and caught the ball well.

Patrick Paschall/North Dakota St.; lacked balance, slowed when changing directions, and dropped a few easy passes.

Charles Scott/LSU; solid change of direction yet lacked balance, showed no burst, and was all too often found on the ground.   Dropped some easy passes.

James Starks/Buffalo; looked fluid, displayed decent feet, and better than expected speed.   Caught the ball well and outran the pass on a few occasions.

Ben Tate/Auburn; did not practice nearly as fast as he timed, could not cut back, and almost had to stop when changing direction.

Manase Tonga/BYU; practiced much faster than he timed, displaying surprising quickness, and caught the ball well.

Keith Toston/Oklahoma St.; showed a fluid, smooth change of direction.   Very effective catching the ball.

Complete information on the quarterback that participated at the combine.  Included are official height, weight, arm length, hand size , bench results plus two hand timings in the forty.  Practice reports for all who participated are also included.

Full NameSchoolHtWtArmHandBench40-140-2
Sam BradfordOklahoma604223634 3/89 1/2INJ
Jarrett BrownWest Virginia602722434 7/810DNB4.594.54
Levi BrownTroy State603422931 1/29 1/2204.904.88
Sean CanfieldOregon State603622332 3/49 1/2DNB5.035.00
Daryll ClarkPenn State601723532 3/49 1/221INJ
Jimmy ClausenNotre Dame602522230 3/49INJ
Max HallBYU6005209309DNB4.914.85
Tim HillerWestern Michigan604022931 1/49 1/8185.034.94
Mike KafkaNorthwestern603122533 1/29 1/4DNB5.064.95
Dan LefevourCentral Michigan603223032 1/29 1/4DNB4.694.62
Thaddeus LewisDuke600421532 5/89 5/8DNB4.784.85
Colt McCoyTexas6010216319 3/8DNB4.814.85
Tony PikeCincinnati605622334 1/210DNB4.884.94
Zac RobinsonOklahoma State602421431 1/49DNB4.694.68
John SkeltonFordham6053243329 3/4DNB4.884.87
Riley SkinnerWake Forest600021430 1/29 3/8DNB5.015.06
Jevan SneadMississippi603021932 1/410DNB5.035.06
Tim TebowFlorida602623631 3/410 1/8DNB4.684.72

Jarrett Brown/West Virginia; best quarterback on the day.   All of his passes displayed speed, was accurate, and showed a nice delivery.   Very accurate with his deep outs.

Levi Brown/Troy; displayed good speed on his throws, accuracy down the field, and was effective with the deep outs.

Sean Canfield/Oregon St.; did not display the physical skills to be an NFL quarterback.  Passes lacked speed and fluttered.

Daryl Clark/Penn St.; showed poor timing on throws, had receivers waiting on the ball, or simply underthrew pass catches.

Max Hall/BYU; displayed some speed on his outs, yet could not drive the deep throw, and was inconsistent accuracy.    Slow setup and release.

Tim Hiller/Western Michigan; Inconsistent throughout the day.  Wild with many of his throws and passes showed poor speed.  Threw some nice deep outs at the end of the session.

Mike Kafka/Northwestern; displayed good speed on the intermediate and short passes, and also displayed touch on throws.  Struggled to throw the long ball and the deep outs had little speed.

Thaddeus Lewis/Duke; possesses a big arm, yet sprayed throws all over, and deep passes hung in the air.

Tony Pike/Cincinnati; throws with a slow release, passes fluttered, and could not drive deep throws.

Zach Robinson/Oklahoma St.; displayed much better zip than he did at the Senior Bowl and threw several nice deep passes.

John Skelton/Fordham; had the biggest arm of any quarterback in attendance and an explosive release.   Struggled with his accuracy and sprayed passes all over the field.

Riley Skinner/Wake Forest; threw better than expected, showing a quick release, nice velocity on the outs, and accuracy down the field.

Jevon Snead/Mississippi; displayed no timing on throws, constantly putting the ball behind the receiver, and hung deep passes.

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